Live action Duke Nukem motion picture

Post who Gearbox is considering/should consider, has approached/should approach, who has approached Gearbox/who should approach Gearbox, etc.

Who would be the best choice to help produce and direct?
Is there anyone who could play Duke who happens to have written a screenplay
and could possibly even direct?

How about, Icon Productions?

This is some of my own original concept design and written work of a scene from my feature length Duke Nukem screenplay, depicting Duke and his girl Ashley being chased down the streets of Los Angeles by a giant Battlelord on their way to the coliseum:

Cut to: LA City streets (street chase)

The monster truck skids left around a city street corner

Then, not too far behind them, the BattleLord flies around the corner into view directly behind them

The radio is Rockin’ some killer tunes!

Duke and Ashley then take the next right


The truck drifts around the corner as the tires squeal and grip the pavement

The alien still follows



The alien fires its cannon


The pavement blows up just a few feet behind the monster truck

Chunks of asphalt fly into the air

Duke does his best to keep the trucks composure

The truck fishtails a bit

He then straightens it out

They race down the street!



Another blast from the alien flies just over the truck


The blast blows a hole in the street about 20 yards in front of Duke and Ashley

Duke reacts as quickly as possible to avoid the hole

Debris falls on the hood of the truck as Duke cuts the wheel and avoids the giant pot hole.

Ashley looks out and sees the crater as the tires roll half on and half off the pavement

Duke again straightens out the truck

He then reaches for the grenade launcher on the floor

Duke: Take the wheel

Ashley slides closer to Duke to take hold of the steering wheel

Duke opens the door and walks out onto the trucks running board/step

He slings the grenade launcher over his shoulder and steps along the running board

Ashley fully slides into the driver’s seat and takes full control

Duke climbs up the bed of the truck and gets inside

He readies the launcher

Duke then presses record on his sunglasses/camera



The Battlelords cannon charges

Duke takes aim


Duke launches a grenade

Before the alien can blast its cannon-


The grenade explodes into the shoulder of the alien

Sparks fly from its arm mounted cannon

Ashley quickly approaches an intersection

Ashley: Hang on!

Duke turns to look at where Ashley is headed

Ashley cuts the wheel late and skids into a left hand turn

The truck slides around the corner

Duke loses his balance slightly as the truck skids around the corner

He loses the grenade launcher into the city street in the process, yet manages to hang on tight enough to avoid falling over and becoming Battlelord fodder.

Ashley then straightens it out

Cut to: Interior apartment

An old lady, sitting comfortably on her lazy boy watching the early morning news, takes a sip of tea

TV anchorman: We’ve had some small quakes this morning here in southern Los Angeles…

Cut to: Street Chase

Ashleys strategic turn psyched out the alien a bit causing itself to make an even later turn than Ashley

Duke regains his balance and composure as they come out of the turn

The Battlelord fails to come out of the turn as cleanly as Ashley did and crashes right into the side of the corner building of the intersection

Cut to: Interior apartment

Being that the old ladies apartment is inside the same building the Battlelord just crashed into, she experiences the aftershock

Some tea spills out onto her nightgown

She shrugs it off as a being a minor aftershock from the quakes mentioned just earlier by the newscaster

She shrugs and continues to sip on her tea