Live action on twitch ... visit us and share soem love. Be warned WE go in as a casual >D

(Salary Man) #1

One more once… live right now, having fun with ps4 community… they say jump we say how many times!

We have a fighting game dojo, post torunaments we can now chill other games… stop by say hi spread love be nice



Your post gave me an aggressive facial twitch.

(Salary Man) #3

i am happy for you, art generates reactions. Thanks mate



I assumed you were a Spam bot!

If not, you have my apologies!

(Salary Man) #5

lol, come and visit us at the stream im bad at the game, but have lots of fun with it

(Science triumphs!) #6

The man, the myth, the jumping legend.

(Salary Man) #7

xD swear to jesus and mary that with less latency i would suck less >D

thanks for the greetings tho.

up, we be live one more once

(Salary Man) #8

(Salary Man) #9

Going live again, who ever wants some insights on Melka, feel free to stop by, Granted i am not offering insights on the game cause i am not rlly that good, but i believe what i have to offer might help ppl with less latenchy