Live event at 9am

Just got notified it goes live in about 25 more minutes. Thought it was gonna start at 10am. But guess not. Stay tuned to watch more.

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10 am pacific time.
1 pm eastern time.
6 pm British time.

They may have the stream live before then, like they did for the release annoucnement/PAX panel?

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Strange. So is there like a pre show before the actual reveal?

Yes, there will be a 30 minute pre-show from Kinda Funny


Time went down to zero, no video… what a tease…

On YouTube it says there will be “Influencer Gameplay”… Any idea who they are?

Mainly Borderlands Youtubers and Streamers

People like Admiral Bahroo and Ki11er Six among many

No word on all of them, so if you like someone then check out their preferred streaming platform

I know @Derch should be one of them.
Starting at the minute.

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So excited. It’s hard not to grab my controler. :laughing:

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Ooo Derch that’s awesome

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Yup! Can’t think of better choice.
Love having the option between “same level” / “classic mode”. That’s huge thumb’s up.

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Never lose loot again!

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I’m really feeling optimistic after this presentation. Very cool changes and additions, nice QOL stuff too. And no microtransactions… Music to my ears

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I never doubted it.
But you never really know.
The way he said it. Priceless… :wink:

Yeah that and the dig about equipping loot right away were fantastic. On a serious note, I’m very impressed with how they have kept it accessable to old folks like me who play solo or with a limited circle of friends but still done cool things for online play

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Generally I avoid spoilers for things I love but this was AWESOME. 134 MORE DAYS!!


Most important thing today: refill all ammo button in front of vending machines. Oh my God thank you!!

Found this, thanks to @Abvex-

It’s a little blurry, but that’s a Monocle.


I like how the better the loot looks.

Saw last night some highlights of twitch streamers. There was a gun that shoots burgers. Let me see if I can find it

There’s a legendary Hyperion SMG called the Handsome Jackhammer. No joke. :smiley:

I saw a few other legendaries (thanks to streamers spamming the “throw a random weapon out” debugging key in the demo), a few being some familiar ones from past games (as could be expected.)