Live Service Games - They Need A Rollback Function

Since the release of the Guardian Takedown, some of us have had an issue where the HUD & FOV is zoomed into max; rendering the game simply unplayable. It looks like 640x480!

Today marks the third ‘patch’ that has released since this issue appeared. And instead of fixing it GBX have simply removed the option from the Video Settings.

Now I don’t know about the rest of you. But I did not buy the Deluxe version of this game, for Gearbox to render it unplayable to me before they have released all the content I have paid for.

I have not been able to play this since the day the Guardian Takedown was released.

It is unacceptable that a GUI ‘fix’ three weeks ago has caused this issue, and has not only, not been addressed, but the setting now being removed from Video options.

These types of games should be mandated to have a rollback function. Where WE (As the Purchaser) can at least get ‘back’ something the developer should not be removing.

Until the fourth DLC is released, they should not be messing with the play-ability of the main game without giving us the option of rolling back any changes that ‘for whatever reason’ renders the game we paid good money for, NON Functional.

That’s what this game is to some of us with this HUD issue.
NON Functional.

/ below is an analogy… I wish it was sarcasm, but I am all out of that.

We bought the house, it looked great. We paid for it out-right; It’s ours.
We then agreed to pay the builder for Four Extensions to our house.
First one was fine; the second one was fine.
Before the third one was built they ‘patched’ something on the roof of the House.
It wobbled; and made the home inaccessible.
They built the third extension.
But the house remained inaccessible.
In a few months time, they will build the fourth extension.
I wonder if the roof will be repaired by then.

…I know I will not be using this builder again.

Spam them on twitter.

Ask k6 or joltz to let em know also.

I believe they heard me before on issues…

Its like twitter is 9000% more effective than here.

If we had #Borderlands and @borderlands @2kgames on twitter en masse talking about any issue… Even 100 tweets hell even 20 trending sith alot.of likes… Itd get solved fast AF.

All console players should be making the split screen issue known forever.

They didnt do it enough or the right way to get their attention