Live stream bl2 op8 complete discussion

I will be live streaming everyday and night borderlands 2 on twitch look me up at iemileon . I will be showing the best tips , tricks , guides and will once in awhile allow people in to level . Since this is a guide i will be answering all questions about legendairy drops ,pearlescent drops and more so come check out my stream and ask away .

[Update] message me at I EM I Leon on one for boss help normal and vault hunter mode any higher must have team…

if you are ever power leveling can you please help me out man?

Level ?

currently a 60 krieg, 12 gunzerker, 16 assassin.

{Update} - will be doing a run through in 30 minutes meet me on twitch if interested or have questions . Please dnt spam me for invites will help only the patient ones. Twitch acc name ; iemileon