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Live stream, right now, enjoy guys


A good video. What I like so far, is the relic idea, something to fight over aside from resource pockets. Crates spawning in the game, the homeworld 1 races play more like the homeworld 1 races. The graphics are really nice, game looks very beautiful, the user interface is excellent, does away homeworld 2’s style taking up the bottom of the screen and only takes up portions, it also looks customizable. We can have 2 ship yards now as homeworld 2 factions, seems interesting, I only remember ever being able to build one shipyard. Homeworld 2 factions have access to all formations. Bounties and achievements are a cool addition to spice things up, I like it.

Now for a bit of criticism here. Homeworld 2 fighter squadrons don’t properly assume formations, the squadrons act as a single entity, where as if you see TB select claw formation, you’ll see the fighter squadrons arrange in a claw. so you see the squadrons themselves a bunch of delta squadrons form into a claw, not the individual fighters themselves properly assuming claw formation. I do not like this, it defeats the purpose of using formations with fighters, the individual fighters themselves should arrange into a claw, just like the way they worked in homeworld 1. Not sure if this is intended or not.

Homeworld 1 factions seem like they will annihilate homeworld 2 factions, you have parallel build system, proper formation, mother ship builds all, and ships that seem more powerful than their homeworld 2 counter parts. Also the capital ships don’t have to build hyperspace modules.

I feel like the homeoworld 2 factions shouldn’t have to build hyperspace modules either, I never liked that idea from the original game, the hyper spacing was fine in homeworld 1, there was no need to change it, in my opinion. I also would like to see the parallel build system adopted to the homeworld 2 factions. Right now those are my biggest issues. I’m a bit disappointed that the ballistics calculating system is RNG instead of how it was in homeworld 1, but I can live with that, it won’t stop me from playing the game, neither will the issues mentioned above. Thank you for listening.

HW1 ships are stronger and easier to build, but also more expensive.
HW1 can hyper without building modules, but can’t defend against ships hypering against them.
HW1 have stronger ships, but after upgrading HW2 ships are stronger.
HW1 heavy cruiser is weaker and faster than HW2 bc, even unupgraded.
It feels like HW1 will be more of a rush race, HW2 have advantage on late or longer games.

it looks like there will be a lot of testing required, I’ll gladly participate =)

Kadeshi, HW1 can defend against ships hyper spacing onto them you build a gravity well generator that isn’t a sub system rather it is a ship that can follow your fleet around, they can also pin fighters down.

Yeah but the range is much smaller and have limited duration. Impossible to keep it on all the time.

you can counteract that by having more than one, if you really need to. Regardless this definitely isn’t the final finished build I imagine a ton of tweaking will happen before we get to an “out of beta” phase.

that guy was horrible lol

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For someone who hasn’t played home world in years it was a good effort.

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TOo bad that wasnt me playing i would have ate the AI alive =)

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Those sound like fighting words Wrath.:slight_smile:

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Bah, cut off before the HC finished building. :frowning:

Nice little preview of what’s to come at least.

Aw man… No magic repair beams on the repair corvettes anymore. That’s really disappointing to see. :frowning: I guess I should still be glad that after everything I’ve seen in the previews, that’s the only thing I really have to complain about, but I’m gonna miss the repair-microing potential repair corvettes and support frigates had. Maybe support frigates will still have the beams? Probably too much to hope for… But how am I gonna heal my corvette walls in SP now without repair corvette healy-beams? :cry:

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you dont repair them, gotta dock em to repair.

That dark voice is something I need getting use to… Wasn’t that the voice of the Taiidan mothership?

Anyway for the preview player try out the Alt key and F key to zoom onto certain things assuming the controls are still somewhat the same of course… Also you can hold down the ctrl key while having your ships selected and drag a box around enemy ships they will then attack the enemies they are best suited for. You can hyperspace with J and set the height and location just like with a move order.

Terrible that the HW1 corvettes charge like fighters…

Nice preview thx.

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