LIVE THREAD: UVHM Changes (Campaign And Raid Completed - UVHM & Raid Reward Revealed)

(Nikolaii) #1

Here i’ll be updating you with the new UVHM playthrough and any changes (or lack thereof) I see as I play it.

Build for context
Using Level 50 gear: Shock Rosie, Hellfire, Cryophobia, Ravager, 50% adaptive shield, Stormfront, 3DD1.E, Protecter COM

-You still start at Helios
-Basic enemies a little tougher, a little.
-Tina & Brick commentary same as TVHM.
-Badasses are really tough! 4 storm fronts to bring down Flameknuckle.
-Dead lift is really really tough! This is what UVHM should be. Hats off to Gearbox.
-MORE BACKPACK SPACE. +3 SPACE FOR 50,100,150 MOONSTONES. Might be more but i can’t afford the 150.
-Higher loot. Found 3 blues in cardboard boxes and lots of greens.
-Elemental multipliers are noticeable. You won’t be dependant on them but I recommend matching the elements.
-First badass in Crisis Scar withstood 3 mags of a Lvl 50 Shock Rosie. Wow.
-2nd badass took 3 L50 storm fronts, 1 mag of a L50 Shock Rosie and a fully amped Aspis to go down.
-Red Belly is a good challenge. This playthrough is definitely hard mode.
-Get an adaptive shield. Elemental enemy attacks hurt LOTS.
-Fire isn’t weak in vacuums. Use it instead of shock if they don’t have a shield and/or aren’t resistant.
-No health regen
-Shock won’t help you against armoured targets. Its good with Maelstrom if you’re athena, but i recommend a good corrosive weapon.
-Explosive weapons seem to be way more powerful.
-Cryo is not the new slag. Thank god.
-The turrets in the Felicity mission do little damage. They will still kill the bandits but it won’t be as noticable. Bring a fire weapon for DOT’s
-FELICITY RAMPANT is no joke! 999 Maelstrom stacks and it still took 2 1/2 Rosie mags. This is awesome!
-Lost Legion really feel like soldiers now, really fun to fight.
-Rabid stalkers are once again, total ■■■■■■■■. WHY DO YOU TORTURE US GEARBOX.
-Tork Queens have tons of health.
-Jack is running around backwards. Gearbox, please don’t ever fix this XD.
-The power cores can still be damaged by splash damage. Gearbox, please fix this.
-Zarpedon is really powerful. 8 stormfronts to bring her mech down.
-Zarpedons second phase is tough. Shield not so hard but her health is big.
-Armory was disappointing. Still the majority of whites and greens, only 2 blues.
-Endgame reward is purple laser. Looks like Rosie but it might not be.
-RK5 has an insane amount of health. Not enjoying this.
-Think of the width of one of the letters in his name. Thats what 300 maelstrom + few seconds of a shock rosie does to it. Farming vendor for corrosive weapon now.
-Right. Get a corrosive weapon for this. Nothing else will do anything. Corrosive smg will tear him down.
-1 and a half hours later. He’s down.
-Evolved Eternals aren’t difficult at all. Shame.
-Through the breach, no soft lock. Yay!
-Opha Superior needed 600 maelstrom and a clip of a helfire. One tough bastard.
-Tip for Elder Opha. You can just butt slam him off the edge. Takes 2-3 hits.
-First Sentinel phase down. Pretty easy, 1 storm front and a bit of rosie.
-Second phase down. 2 Storm fronts and a rosie mag.
-3rd and 4th down. Honestly feels like nothings changed. Weird.
-Okay. 1st Empryean Sentinel down, he’s comparable to the TVHM raid.
-2nd ES down. Use a ravager on the shield and hellfire on the face. Not facerolling but he’s not really really hard.
-Final phase down. He’s basically the TVHM raid. Can’t wait for the UVHM raid.
-And the reward for UVHM is…

-Just when i didn’t need a corrosive weapon anymore.
-Now for Iwajira, Backpack Space Cap and Raid Boss
-Iwajira has around 2x health. Not anymore difficult, just takes a little while longer.
-For 50 and 100 Moonstone, you get the Pink (Seraph) SDU’s. For 150 and 200 moonstone, you get the Cyan (Pearlescent) SDU’s. Backpack space still increases by 3. The Pearlescent SDU’s aren’t available for the ammo category.
-GLITCH: Buying the 200M Backpack space SDU didn’t increase the space from 36. And when I save and quitted, it decreased to 33. Sending a support ticket in now.
-Going to sleep, be back in around 10 hours. Aaaaand we’re back!
-Right. To clear some things up, yes there is ammo upgrades, I just mentioned the backpack one because that’s what everyone was asking.
-There are only 2 more Ammo SDU’s for each category.
-Reward for UVHM Raid Mission is legendary head.
-No change to Raid boss price. Still costs 5 moonstone per podium.
-First Raid Sentinel phase down. Shield is WAY higher.
Second Raid Sentinel phase down. Shield slightly higher than first. I strongly advise you upgrade your grenade SDU first and grab a storm front/quasar before heading into this fight. Then get a laser upgrade.
-Third Raid Sentinel phase down. Shield noticeably higher.
-Invincible Sentinel down. Onto the ES. His attacks are WAY stronger. They wont health gate you, but you should focus on your defenses more than your offense now. Keep a consistent pattern and watch your back.
-ES first phase down. He is MASSIVELY stronger. You won’t faceroll this version. Trust me.
-ES second phase down. Ravager only takes out 1/3 of the amount of his shield that is used to in TVHM. His health is massive and the attacks are well-balanced. This. Is. Epic.
-EMPRYEAN SENTINEL RAID IS DEAD. His shield wasn’t as difficult as i thought it would be. 20 storm fronts and a bit of rosie. His health is absolutely MASSIVE.
-And the legendary head is…

-Gearbox, you got the raid perfect. Well done! @Jeffybug
-Searching for respawnable bosses.
-No sign of respawning bosses. So far I’ve tested the Even-More-Disgusting torks and they don’t respawn.
-If there’s anything that anyone wants checked, let me know.
-Shock Pit Slaughter Dome is pretty easy. Outlaws (now muggers) are pretty beefy though.
-Ultimate Badass Muggers should always be your main priority. They’re extremely tough.
-Lock And Load loaders are correctly scaled as well.
-GLITCH: During the mission “Lock And Load”. If enemies spawn below the ending of the manufacturing belt before the loaders enter the cannon. The mission will not progress.


Have you tested out the element multipliers?

(Nikolaii) #3

. It’s really high. Im running a shock athena mainly, with a hellfire indoors, and it’s definitely advised to use all the elements at your disposal.


Nice! And here I thought it was postponed untill the 16th.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #5

Sounds great. I need a challenge!

(Where's lucky?) #6

Thanks for the updates this answered a lot of questions.


Thanks for the notes on your UVHM experience. I just wanted to point out that incendiary damage has never been weak in a vacuum, you just aren’t able to get the Burn DoT. It’s always been better on flesh even without the DoT.

(Nikolaii) #8

RK5 has completely hindered my progress. He’s got an unbelievably high amount of health. If anyone has a level 50 nisha with tombstone, that’d be great.

(Gen09999) #9

I’m pretty sure Xbox 360 players gets the update earlier than all the other platforms.
Edit: yep, see here.
If that’s the case, I want to help you out Nikolaii, but I’m on PC.

(Matrixneo42) #10

They definitely stand out now! And in multiplayer we really had to work as a team to take them down. I have freeze rosie that I was using to lock down a badass, while someone else was doing another damage type. I haven’t tried UVHM solo yet but I’m assuming I’ll be able to handle badasses on my own.

(Where's lucky?) #11

So even on Athena we might have use for a corrosive weapon? Stormfront his mobs and hit him with corrosive?? Also is your gear starting to fall below on levels or are you upgrading gear?

(Matrixneo42) #12

I always fight RK5 with corrosive. My preference is a corrosive hyperion shotgun.

(Nikolaii) #13

It’s capped at level 50. All xbox got was the UVHM update. And i was too stupid to remember RK5 to get a good corrosive weapon.

I’m stacking maelstrom up to 300 and hitting him with the rosie. It’s doing nothing. Think of the width of one of the letters in his name.

That’s what 300 maelstrom + Rosie does everytime he swoops down across the field.


(Where's lucky?) #14

Ok I see, I would try moving some of your skill points into additive base damage skills. Remember Maelstrom is great but its also Multiplicative so for it to truly shine you need to boost something, other wise you are turning a multiplicative skill into an additive one.

Ephodos, PfG, Gun Kata, something. Also I have a feeling OS is going to be more important in UVHM.

So if you moved points around to put 5/5 in both PFG and Ephodos now you have 40% base damage with 2 stacks of PfG.

Your set up with 300 stacks of maelstrom not matching elements

100 x (1 + 120%) = 220 damage or x 2.2 to your card damage

Your set up with 300 stacks and matching elements with TVHM numbers (we don’t know the new multiplier yet)

100 x (1 + 120% + 75%) = 295 damage or x 2.95 to your card damage

Same things with 5/5 Ephodos and Pfg wtih 2 stacks
Not matching elements
100 x (1 + 20% + 20%) x (1 + 120%) = 308 damage or x 3.08 to your card damage

Matching elements
100 x (1 + 20% + 20%) x (1 + 120% + 75%) = 413 damage or x 4.13 to your card damage.

So that extra 40% base damage turns into 88% without matching and 118% with matching. Making those points really valuable.

(Nikolaii) #15

Holy ■■■■ thank you Derch


Can’t say that I didn’t see that coming.Because of how health multipliers work all non badasses with no shields are going to be barely stronger than in TVHM

(Gen09999) #17

On the other hand, I’m kinda glad Eternals don’t sound like they’re badass(?) so you still have a good chance of focusing them down before they transform, even with sub-par gear.

(Nikolaii) #18

@Jeffybug I reached the editing limit. Can you lift this for me?

(Where's lucky?) #19

I made a mistake in that is should be
100 x (1 + 20% + 20%) x (1 + 75%) x (1 + 120%) = 539
100 x (1 +75%) x (1 + 120%) = 385

but that makes the difference 154%, even bigger.

(Wolf and Saint) #20

I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for a different reward than another Rosie. Thank you for the live update thread with all of the changes. :thumbsup: