LK God elemental projector (victory rush/otto idol/slatter gun)

I have anointed

Molten Vicious Lyuda (125% wdmg and for siren phasecast 250%wdmg)

Rowan’s Call (rad 50% shock dmg),(shock 100% wdmg )(fire 100% wdmg and for siren 250% wdmg after phasecast)

Queen’s Call (corosive 100% wdmg)

Lucian’s Call (fire 125% Wdmg),( coro 100% dmg)

The Holistic Butcher (11% fire rate and 26% reload speed)

Cash Infused Butcher (250% wdmg after phasecast)

Cash infused Brainstormer (100% wdmg)

Redundant Brainstormer (100% wdmg)

Defrauding Crossroad (coro for Siren 250% wdmg after phasecast ),(100%wdmg)

Hostile Crossroad (fire 100% wdmg)

Cocky Flakker (moze unlimited ammo 5s)

Itchy Flakker (125% splash dmg)

Burning Flakker (100% wdmg)

Subsidized Conference Call (50% shock dmg)

Artic disciplined Night (100% dmg)

Binary Cutman (fire for Moze 8% mag recharge/s),(shock 100% wdmg)

Oozing vigorous Roisen’s thorns (50% fire dmg)

The Duc (Moze unlimited ammo 5s)

Itchy Gratifying Laser Sploder (Rad 25% crit dmg)

Double penetrating pneumatic laser sploder (fire 100% wdmg)

The transformer (20% cooldown on action skill)

Re charge (Siren phrase grap create nova),(5% regain health)

Augmented Stop Gap (5% regain health)

Recurring Hex rad (1 grenade on start AS)

Reccuring Hex Shock (1 grenade on start AS)

Non annoited :

Sticky Quasar

Storm Front

Mitosis Hex cryo

MirvTacular (cryo)

Relics an class mod

Ice Breake Deathless : +14% reload speed, +16% shock dmg,+30% shield recharge rate

Electric slide Deathless : +30% grenade dmg,+16% cryo dmg, +40% mag size

Elemental projector Deathless :+30% grenade dmg, +29% fire resist, +16% fire dmg

Elemental projector Splatter gun :+17% shotgun dmg, +40%FFLY, +8% mvt speed

Last stand Otto idol : +21% action skill cooldown,+16% rad dmg, +8%mvt speed

Last Ditch Entrenched Bloodletter (+3dm): +25%wdmg ,+50% accuracy torgue, +15% fire rate DAHL

Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter(+2dm) :+25% wdmg,+31% Shotgun dmg,+30% grenade dmg

Spectral Phasezerker : +25%wdmg, +20% reload speed,+31% AR dmg

Volatile TEMP Phasezerker : +25% wdmg, +31% action skill cooldown rate, +31% AR dmg

Entranced Primeval phasezerker : +35% Sniper dmg, +31% AR dmg,+10% jakobs dmg

Blended Tangled Elementalist : +10% Maliwan wdmg, +31% shotgun dmg,+31% action skill cooldown rate

Blessed Circulating Blast Master : +31% AR dmg, +31% sniper dmg, +55% projectile speed Torgue

Hazy Molly Rocketeer :+31% dmg heavy weapon, +32%fire rate atlas, +15% fire rare DAHL

Armor plated Booming Beear Trooper : +28% splash dmg, +29% splash radius, +25% reload speed maliwan

Megaton Mind Sweeper : +50% accuracy COV, +30% grenade dmg,+31% shotgun dmg

Giant Slayer Bounty Hunter : : +18% crit damage weapon, 50% accuracy tediore, +31% action skill cooldown rate

Ventor Ranger Cosmic Stalker : +10% vladof damage, +45% crit damage Jakobs weapon, 31% pistol damage

  • Primordial Spectral Phasezerker (25% Weapon Damage, 50% Maliwan Weapon Accuracy, 45% Hyperion Weapon Critical Damage)
  • Entranced Primeval Phasezerker (31% Pistol Damage, 23% COV Weapon Fire Rate, 31% SMG Damage)
  • Entranced Cosmic Phasezerker (18% Weapon Critical Damage, 45% Hyperion Weapon Critical Damage, 10% Jakobs Weapon Damage)
  • Entranced Phasezerker (18% Weapon Critical Damage, 45% Jakobs Weapon Critical Damage, 24% Weapon Magazine Size)

Do you need any of these?

Just need relics sorry

And not legendary but… 3 damage stats…