LLC Love Letter: The Card Game

So a few months back I wrote this post jokingly detailing some Battleborn spinoff games I’d like to see. Well, with some prodding from my girlfriend, I actually made one of those games a reality and made a Battleborn themed re-skin of the super fun card game Love Letter.

I spent a while learning to use image manipulation software just to make these, so they’re not great in terms of graphic design. Most of the pictures are from the Battleborn website, except Nova’s which I had to cut out from an in-game screenshot that I took. And since the original Love Letter comes with a little flavour text story, I wrote one up for this game too.


You sigh and check the time on your phone. MINREC had been appeased a full quarter of an hour ahead of schedule. It would be nice to get home early, but not so nice to miss out on the fifteen minutes’ worth of pay. And to think that you had once seen yourself going somewhere in the Last Light Consortium. Unfortunately, the destruction of several galaxies had resulted in severe cutbacks due the sudden drop in the number of people alive enough to be paying customers. So here you are, stuck working in a recycling plant and escorting endless waves of robots into the maw of a psychotic AI.

You head into the lobby of the main office building to punch out when a holo-vid catches your eye. It’s not the usual stream of quota numbers and cute cartoons depicting minions being ground into scrap metal. Instead, a pretty blond woman surrounded by a set of floating swords is speaking. You recognize her instantly.

“Hello there. I am Baroness Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Hemsworth IV. I’m looking for a small number of hardworking LLC employees to join me on my latest scientific expedition! The position mostly consists of digging around and breaking stuff, so no previous scientific experience is required. Who knows, this could be your first step to a much more fulfilling career with the LLC and the Hemsworth Barony! Submit your resume to your Human Resources department and apply today!”

Phoebe smiles brightly as a voiceover begins.

“By applying to this position, you agree to absolve The Last Light Consortium and Phoebe Hemsworth IV of liability for any personal injury sustained during your employment. Loss of limb, life, mind, personal property, friendships or other relationships are not covered under…”

You tune out the rest of the disclaimer. This could have been the opportunity you’ve been looking for if only Sherri, your HR rep, wasn’t such a flake. There has to be some way to get your resume to Miss Hemsworth!

You turn to the punch clock to input your employee code. There, floating beside it, is a small robotic owl. It has been hovering around the clock the past few weeks to supervise all punch-ins and punch-outs, recording each employee that passes by it. Something about a rash of tardiness that’s been going around the plant lately.

Wait a minute…those owls…weren’t they designed and built by that Magnus that used to work for the Hemsworth family?

You approach the owl and speak to it. “Um, excuse me, Mr. Hoodini sir?"

Hoodini gives you a strange, echoing sort of hooting sound.
“Would you mind passing my resume on to someone who may know Baroness Hemsworth? I’m interested in that job and I’ll make it worth your while. I think I may know where those robo-mice that have been infesting the plant have their den.”

Hoodini hoots again and ■■■■■ his head to the side. A red laser shoots from his eye and he scans you up and down. You realize that he’s looking up your employee file and credentials.

“Thanks buddy,” you say. “And by the way, if you could, you know, hinder the competition a little bit, that would be cool too…”

So, whattya guys think? Anybody up for a game?


I’d play that in a heartbeat! This looks like a lot of fun and you did an absolutely fantastic job with the cards.


Funny story: In my AMA thread, i jokingly referred to a game called Eldrid Magic (which, although i never played it, was based off of Magic: The Gathering), and both @Ganjamira and @nbrownlie237 loved it, and made up their own stuff regarding it (we even played a match in the In Character thread). It’s really cool and funny to see another Battleborn themed card game!

Also, i call BS on El Dragon outranking Kleese, haha!


The rankings are supposed to be based on who is closest to the “Princess.” Dragon is Phoebe’s bodyguard, I figure he’s closer to her than Kleese is. He should probably be closer than ISIC too, but the #4 card ability fits his character better in my opinion.

Those in-character threads kind of ran away without me, I can’t keep up with that much role play and headcanon.

So… El Dragon is MORE of a princess than kleese?

So in the original game Card 7 is the Countess, who’s the Princess’s best friend. 6 is her father, the King, and 5 is her brother the Prince, all the way down to a palace guard at 1. The “story” is that you’re trying to get your letter to the person who is most likely to be able to give it to the Princess, ie the highest card.

Well… If you tie the letter to Houdini’s leg… :smirk:

I’ll leave now… Sorry…

…then he’ll fly back to Nova, who will store it in her records where Kleese can find it, who passes it on to El Dragon, who gets knocked out and has it taken from him by ISIC, who goes to try to talk Kid Ultra into being evil, who meets up with Marquis to try to schedule a meeting with Phoebe to get funding for his TV show, who is Phoebe’s ex-butler and still interacts with her a lot…

I maaaay have put a little bit of thought into this…:wink:


I’m srry this reply is not about the post, but i really wanted to contact you GT.
I have commented lots on your latest YT video, and i wanted to ask if you were planing to do any videos like it in the future, because i really wonna see more. There is nothing on youtube like it. i used a whole saturday searching :slight_smile:

Hey sorry I missed your comments, I don’t pay much attention to my YouTube account, I just post stuff when I have it.

Doing XBCL videos depends on whether or not I’m available to record when the games go live. It’s already tough for me since I’m on the west coast and a lot of the games are played while I’m still at work here in the Pacific Time Zone.

The short answer is I’d love to do more, but I don’t know if I’ll get the chance. I’m pretty busy this month with finals. Plus I have a wedding to go to and I was cast as a consultant for Team Batmobile on this month’s Geeks vs Nerds Vancouver show. Taking down the Delorean is going to be a tough job. :wink:

Hopefully I’ll have some time to be able to broadcast/record the playoffs in May.

I read this post quite a while ago but started wondering…

When can I buy this game?! I NEED IT!

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