LLC the best faction? Yes, yes it is

I think the LLC is the best faction in the game overall. They have the coolest theme (super rich, futuristic steam punk? Yes please!), they have two powerful supports in Kleese and Kid Ultra, Phoebe can be played as either a tank melee or a hit and run assassin, Marquis is the best pure sniper in the game and to top it off, they have a giant murderous robot. El Dragon’s late game is literally the most fun character to play.

If there is one area where I think they are lacking, it is mid-range skirmisher, but you could make a case that Phoebe can fill this spot, particularly with helix choices Shield Resonators and Contingency plan, allowing for quickly closing any gaps and making hasty retreats.

ISIC is not the typical tank, but he is the typical artillery piece, specifically once his ult unlocks, it reminds me of old Mechwarriors games.

What do you think? Is there a better overall faction? Design wise, play wise? Just to head it off at the start, Eldrid are not a better design, sorry.


Quality of design is always a matter of personal taste and preference, so - yes, yes I think the Eldrid have the overall more appealing design. (Although I´m no big fan of Kelvin or Boldur, I ignore them mostly)

I can understand why LLC is your favourite though, intricate lines and victorian/Biedermeier/Art Noveau influences are quiet spot on.

Play-wise I´d tend to agree that the LLC has most to offer, but only if El Dragon & Phoebe are in the hands of very skilled players. (counts for most melees though, Rath and Boldur especially)


They have been nerfed a lot :frowning: marquis even tho is the fastest sniper he has the lowest dmg and hp.
El dragon well you know the story
Kleese is easy countered by everyone no meele.
Isic nerf after nerf
Ku bolas stun got reduced to 1 sec 1 target.

Phoebe is still a monster, high hp/shield for an assasin

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UPR for me, then LLC. Guns and gats and grenades, then late-stage capitalism. Beautiful.

Eldrid are okay I guess.

Rogue are a mixed bag.

Still don’t understand love for Jennerit. I guess it doesn’t click with me – the only Jennerit I really like is Caldarius and he’s more of a rogue-jennerit.

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I realize it is a matter of taste. Sorry, but sentient fungus and ice are not compelling. Thorn is a typical elf, so much like Legolas she is boring. Boulder the dwarf is funny, but dwarfs and elves are typically at odds with one another. I consider Boulder more of a rouge and less of an Eldrid. Melka, well, she is an interesting concept, but nothing near as interesting as any LLC character.

UPR is my second favorite. I love Montana. He is my main, and the one I am the best with. But, the rest of the UPR is lacking to me.

Yep. LLC forever. Except for Kleese. Cuz f*ck Kleese.


Blows Raspberry.

The Rogues have WAY more personality than the other factions (excluding Reyna, go figure), and the only faction comp that could beat them would be the Eldrid!



Personality? Maybe because Orendi has several. Rogues are third on the list, behind UPR but ahead of Jennerit.

My opinion that a team of Eldrid would usually defeat a team of anything else except maybe a Team of Rogues.

Eldrid and Rogue are the best factions play wise when you consider a team composed solely of said faction.

LLC are 3rd, followed by Jennerit, and UPR come last.

Design-wise? The Rogues are at the top for me, LLC I think would be second since their characters have very interesting personalities. UPR are boring, Eldrid are cool but a bit boring, and Jennerit are hella bland.

In the end, taking everything into account. The LLC are NOT the best faction, but probably 2nd-3rd. Rogues are the best faction.

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The Jennerit have the least personality, all of them being stuck-up and arrogant, aside from Beatrix and Attikus.

The UPR are right in front of them, with Ghalt, Ernest, Montana and Oscar Mike all having a slightly altered version of the same whacky/military personality.

The LLC are third on my list, with ISIC, El Dragon and Kid Ultra being unique; Kleese being SORT of different than Marquis and Phoebe who, like the aforementioned Jennerit, are stuck up and arrogant.

The Eldrid would be #2 for me, because they are ALL unique, personality-wise; i just find most of said personalities, such as Miko and Kelvin’s, to be boring.

I stand by the Rogues having the most diverse and unique personalities: You have a bat-sh*t crazy chaos witch; An Australian accented assassin for hire; An emotionally unstable penguin in a mech that he talks to for companionship; A teenage girl who enslaved an ancient, interdimensional horror who she treats like a pet; A “failed” Oscar Mike clone who hates them with a passion; and a gangsta-style pirate, who admittedly has the worst personality of the lot (but still better than most other factions’ boring character, in my opinion).

In my eyes, it was never a question of which faction got the most character-creation love from the devs…

I don’t know that a team of Miko, Alani, Boulder, Melka and Thorn would beat Phoebe, ISIC, El Dragon, Kleese and Marquis. Nor would the Eldrid team be able to beat the UPR team with one of each. Yes I know UPR lacks good healing, but they put a lot of firepower down range fast. Eldid or Rogue? Not sure. I think Jennerit would beat Eldrid and Rogue easily, thanks to Beatrix and Denade. Jennerit might beat UPR as well.

That said, let’s officially start lobbying GBX (again) to make a match where people need to be a different member of the same faction. Give the people what they want.

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The Jennerit have two characters that can attack reliably at range, and their hard CC is NOTHING compared to either the Rogues or the Eldrid; The Rogues could destroy them at range, and Alani and Miko backing Kelvin and Boldur would steamroll the Jennerit’s melee…



Kid Ultra
El Dragon




Oscar Mike



Those are what I think are the best team formed by each faction. What I quickly notice is that not only does the Eldrid have the raw damage in Alani, Boldur, and Thorn they have a bunch of CC (knock-backs, stuns, slows) AND have ALL the heals needed to NOT die. Thorn and Alani also have small frames to make it harder to hit.

The LLC has raw damage but no reliable CC and mediocre heals.

The Rogues have raw Damage a bunch of useful CC BUT unreliable heals.

the UPR has raw RANGED damage and no heals and 99% of their CC comes from Galilea xD

The Jennerit have no hard cc outside of Rath and Deande’s Ult, mediocre damage, and okay sustainability.

I actually would like to see a Faction War Tournament. 5 Teams composed of each faction, with the best players around for each character. See what happens.


I LITERALLY agree with ALL of this^, and will add what i said in my previous post: The Jennerit have next to no range.

The Eldrid would dominate because of their sheer tankiness in Boldur and Kelvin, and heals in Miko and Alani; throw in that ALL FOUR have reliable hard CC that they can chain, and it is really no contest, In my opinion. The Rogues and LLC would be the ONLY two factions i can see giving the Eldrid a good match, and ONLY if both teams start at level 5…


Maybe it is my dislike for Eldrid clouding my judgement, but outside of Alani, Eldrid are not that hard to kill. Thorn and Melka are squishy, Miko is a 1 trick pony that if you kill first, the one he was supporting usually dies quickly as well, Boulder is good, but his shield only blocks the way he is facing. Think of LLC supported by Kleese’s network and KU’s drones. Phoebe can teleport to wherever she needs to and ISIC and Marquis can provide range.

Jennerit are buoyed significantly by Beatrix and Deande, as Beatrix can silence and wound regularly, and Deande in the hands of the right player is amazing. Ambra, Rath and Caldarius all have good roles to play, and each of them (Sorry Attikus) could do enough damage to get over the Eldrid bump.

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Then, i’m sorry to say, you haven’t faced good Eldrid players. Thorn may be Squishy, but she is hard as f*ck to hit; pinging @AncientBelgareth to explain.

A good Miko won’t put himself in harm’s way like a fool, and can even 1v1 better than you’d think against most characters. Pinging @Lemuren97 ro explain.

A good Kelvin can stun a whole team, soak up a sh*t-ton of damage, and disappear at a moment’s notice. Pinging @Codarik and @legendoflink2288 to explain (sorry, Zoxxy; i’d ping you too, but i don’t know if you are on the forums).

Boldur doesn’t die… Pinging @dwarfurious to explain immortality. :smirk:

Alani is probably my most hated character to fight, next to Beatrix. Pinging @kitru to explain.

I personally wouldn’t include Mellka in the comp, after what was done to her, but pinging @lequizachris and @EdenSophia to explain why she still has reason to be feared…


I have to agree that the Eldrid would easily roll over the other factions. With the exclusion of Mellka and Miko, the Eldrid are the best at anything. Alani is the best healer there is, Boldur is the best assassin in the game, Kelvin has a team stun on demand and Thorn is the best sniper in the game. A team of these, with Mellka filling in as the fifth, would all roflstomp whatever opposition the other factions have to offer.

Zoxxy is @Master_Oddjob, @HandsomeCam


Ah, that’s right! Thanks!

eats the ping and leaves