LLM farming without Doctor's Orders

I want to farm LLMs. I’ve finished the main story. Turned in doctor’s orders mission.
If I go to Thousand Cuts with a random mission open, will LLMs still spawn?

I’m UTVH Level 71 Gaige.


Frostburn Canyon has a decently high chance on Loot Midgets and the occasional Tubby without having to have a certain mission active…

Yes, been farming TC today too with that random mission open. Pretty rare although, sometimes nobody spawns, 3+ LLMs if very lucky.

Doing TC with ‘Rocko’s Modern Strife’ active will remove the resident bandits except for Loot Goons and One-Armed Bandits but not affect the LLM spawns…having the rest not there makes the run easier/faster/stuff.


Yeah. I knew about Rockos Mission. I already did that long ago and turned it in.

Another quick question: What’s this I hear about “turning a Solo Campaign into 4-Player Mode”? I tried the trick, but verifying it through adding ammo does not work for me. Any truth to this? I usually play solo so I’m trying to increase the chances to get “goodies”.

Here’s the video about “changing modes”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4rtII2WMjA&feature=iv&src_vid=dzapkR_61Hk&annotation_id=annotation_1626201075#t=2m4s

Start at the 2:04 mark.


Sawtooth is my Holy Land.

This man has it down.


Do the enemies suddenly appear extremely spongy? That’s a very strong indicator too. Picking up additional ammo for stuff I was full on always worked for me.
You don’t even need to pay Eridium to get the glitch enabled, just going near the gate triggers it so long as you have Hyperius and/or Gee available to battle.

4-Player mode doesn’t increase loot quality though. Due to the higher amount of Badasses (and thus Tubbies) and a higher chance of a Varkid metamorphosis you get more stuff overall but the actual chances remain unaffected.

I use the 4 player slider (go there and look for the link in the 1st paragraph; requires .NET 4.0)…no need to go anywhere first, but you do need to restart the game if you’ve been solo’ing beforehand and I’d advise backing up your saves before using it, just in case. This has helped spawn Vermivorous twice in my game while playing solo, which pretty much shows that it works.

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