LLM spawning in WEP

So I have doctor’s orders active and 0/4 notes collected and keep only getting 2 LLMs in the room with the four boxes,anybody know why that is?

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Could just be a glitch. You should be getting 3-4 if you’ve gotten the note or not. Have you tried rebooting your system or closing the game and reopening it?

No but I haven’t completed wildlife preservation could that be the problem?

I’d did this about a month ago during the story line and I still got all 4 midgets. Although I do remember when I was on PS3 I almost never got 4 midgets when I farmed them like 2 years ago.

I got 4 on tvhm, that’s weird maybe there’s a glitch idk but I just beat the quest so know I’ll save and quit then farm them again
Edit:on a side note maya just reached lvl 60 shes now officially my highest lvl toon😆


Completion of the WEP main story mission shouldn’t matter at all. Sometimes, things are just weird. It (story completion) does affect your ability to respawn by the door to the Natural Selection Annex versus starting right at the beginning of the map, which makes farming easier.

I didn’t complete the story mission and I was spawning right back at NSA. I completed the mission and save and quit, and now there’s 4. :bldancing:

I usually accept animal rights but don’t open the crates holding the animals at least for a while (or until I need the trespasser reward.) As long as animal rights is active there is a huge reduction in enemy spawns making it wayyy easier to get from spawn in to LLM room. Also don’t forget to peak into the stalker room next door on the left (right after the 4 box room)and shoot the goo sacks on the tree to the immediate right. Almost always 1 if not 2 midgets in there.


What didn’t know that!

Wow, nice to know.

Lol didn’t read the whole post, I went into the room and shot the goo, nothing. Duh I didn’t accept animal rights yet.

I’ve never had them there (not surprising since they are random spawns), but I’ve had them in the stalker pen on the far side of the building several times. Doesn’t hurt to go and toss some AoE (Tesla/Quasar are my go to) grenades down or phaselock one of the stalkers there, just to see if any pop out.

We may be talking about the same place, sorry my description may be a little confusing. The room with the typhoon stalkers on your way from LLM room to the skag area.

Ah! Yes, you’re right. I thought you were talking about the goo piles in the pens inside the box-room building, just inside the front door where you fight the badass loader to get in.