LLMs farming in Sawtooth Cauldron

Hey there,

Since I mastered LLMs farming in SC a few weeks ago, I’ve got a huge amount of legendaries and pearls. It took me a while to figure out how efficiently farm this place because there is few information about that compared to the WEP run. It also feels way more rewarding.

Are you guys aware of this great source of loot? I was considering making a guide about SC LLMs, but I don’t want to waste my time if nobody will use it.

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I’m aware, but I’m not sure if I’m ever doing it “properly”.

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Basically I go down on the right area, kill everything and loot every bandit crate. Then I kill myself to respawn at the begining, travel to eridium blight and go back to SC.

Because those bandit crates respawn (and therefore possibly LLMs if RNGsus wants it) in the travelling process, you just have to run through the area killing them. Then kill yourself and travel to eridium blight etc.

Enemies will respawn 30 min later so before that you have enough time for 10 runs if you are efficient.

No save & quit, few mobs to kill

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Yeah, that’s what I do, except i just go up the ramp towards the exit to blight, and open everything there - i’ve had a ton of midgets up there.

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Yep I used to do that, but my experiments showed it decreases the LLM per minute ratio. But it´s fine if you’re not an effectiveness maniac like me ^^

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How many midgets would you say you find in a 20 min period?

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According to my experiments, on average, I can reach 0,75 midgets per minute, counting clearing bandits every 30 min, killing midgets, respawning, travelling etc.

However it is calculated on 2+ hours sessions, therefore offsetting the longer time spent opening all crates at the beginning.

Also it’s important to note that I was using my hellborn krieg at OP0 with lvl 72 gear, and killing bandits was very easy. It might be harder with other vault hunters, especially at OP8

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Do I have to “re-prep” the area if i go use a fast travel to get to washburne, hit up hyperius’ arena for 4p mode, then come back? Or will it stay cleared?

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It stays cleared for sure, you can fast travel anywhere instead of going to eridium blight, only the map loading process matter.

Why do you want the 4player difficulty active? It will make the mob wave way more difficult, therefore slowering the farming process. And I don’t think drop rates increase with it. But on the bright side you’ll have better chances to encounter a tubby midget :wink:

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Supposedly 4-player mode has more midgets spawn.

I’m Salvador with Grog and Dpuh - it shouldn’t be THAT hard - and I wanna see if it works. I tend to get 2-3 midgets per run. Got 5 on my first prep run today.

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Ah you’re luckier than me then, I’m closer to 2 per run, which is still great at 2 min per run. Will do some more testing once I’m done with tubbies.

Well I haven’t tried with the 4player trick so I’ll appreciate any feedback!

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2 minutes per run?!

Teach me your route.

Also, don’t forget to go back up the ramp on the way to the exit to Eridium Blight - where the 2 buzzards spawn the first time. I almost always get a midget there.

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I tried the 4player trick once. Got 10 LLMs in a run.
Also spawned some other weird guys (Tubby Midget and a LLM Rat)

OP8 Mania-Bloodlust K.


Alright thanks for that, I’ll try the 4-player difficulty to see if it increases my LLM/min ratio.

I never check that ramp as it decreases the number of runs I can do between mob waves.
I achieve 2 mins per run by shooting at half the places where LLMs can spawn, then if one is there he just runs at me, no need to go up stairs/walk too much. I can detail my route if you want me to.

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That would be great. Diagrams would help. I have noticed the range for loot midget spawning is pretty ridiculous.

Wait a minute, don’t you have to go up the ramp to leave anyway?

Also, I too have seen the fabled Loot Midget Rat.

…and of course, when I check, the only evidence of said midget rat is the name. Can’t see the body.


Alright, so I just tried this and it does seem to be a viable method. The average (and mode!) amount of midgets I was getting per run was 4. The lowest was 3. Highest was 6. So that alone puts it on par with the WEP. I guess it’s worth noting I was on 4 player difficulty.

Since it wasn’t clear to me at first (possibly just cause I’m dumb), you go in the first time, clear the enemies, and open all the boxes. When you return, all of the white little chests (usually contain 2 ammo or cash) will have new items in them as if they had been recently opened. Loot midgets will already be out on the map.

And as noted by the OP, they are attracted to the sound of gun fire! If you stand near the top and use a weapon with either a high rate of fire or large AOE you can grab their attention so a red dot appears on the map showing you where they are. I did this 8 times. It took a little over an hour, so obviously I don’t have this down as well as the OP.

WARNING: One of the locations they like to spawn is right at the entrance. About half the time I was immediately greeted by a midget to the face upon returning.

Other locations seem to be around the base of the buzzard tower and just to the left of the ramp/on the top of that building to the left of the ramp.

My new OP 8 Skullmasher and OP 6 Tunguska and Twin Hornet thank you.


@nuK3- I could see this being a very cool guide. I’m sure people would find it very useful!


@Scootalewis & @joe_king
Thanks, I’ll then make a guide to share my findings! It will take some time tough as I think a video is mandatory for proper explainations.

You’re welcome, I’m glad my sharing has been useful! Thanks for feedback