Llooking for partners for Mutator arena level 9!

Hi. Im looking for partners for the mutator arena level 9! Ive manageg 1-8 solo preatty easily but level 9 is insane! Ive managed the first 2 waves on several occations but even if Shadow doesent respawn, the 3 wave always ovwerwelm me and i die :frowning: Im also after som top gear for Nisha just for the mutator arena level 9, as i have easily beat everything else solo in the game. For those who help me try or even better beat level 9 im more than happy to give away the loot, i just wanna beat it!! :smile:

Psn: nisse65

Done! Thanks to Mr_cool11 we beat level 9. It was very intense and we barely made it with 2 Nishas. This got to be the hardest thing to beat in the pre sequel!! Well, now on to soloing it :slight_smile:

Finaly soloed it!!! easily the hardest thing in the pre sequel univers, by far! The badas round in holodome was like a walk in the park in comparison. My nisha and luck cannon, absolute zero and docs flayer made my triggerfinger very sore smile I must admit that it took ca 50-100 tries and i pulled it of by the skin of my teeth…

I’ll play add me name: jeffev99

ill ad you, but i dont think i will be playing that arena anytime soon, i finaly soloed it yesterday and im kind of burn out on it. we can play other missions and stuff though…