Load out and pre game

@Jythri can we get a change to the loading of pvp games. Find that character select is very longgggg, this could be shortened up a bit. Maybe there can be a reminder system to those that don’t select their character in full and once they sit on a character during the select and majority has selected they get forced picked. Instead of waiting the 100+ seconds. I think this could speed up the games per session( us dads have schedules! Ha ha)

Disconnects…can we please get fill-ins as everyone I’m sure, has felt the pain of playing 3 V 5 as two members disconnect off the jump and leave the team hanging. Let us have fill ins to take up their spots, please.

Reporting…can there be a reporting function to report people’s actions like being AFK or quitting, and how about commendations for people that stick it out and no matter what, they don’t give up.

There could also be a category system where players could earn credits for being accommodated for positive things in actual game time.

And last but not least, can we get an option when selecting a game mode as to what map you want to match make for rather then having only one option for voting…I think people could get the chance to play and practice on what they want rather then doing a private match only.

As always GBX, amazing work, keep up the hard work and Fun!

“DeadZerious”. Cheers!


Very good ideas! :slight_smile:
For picking maps, I very often end up playing the same maps because they’re fan favorites for some reason. I think because of that you could have very long queue times for playing the less desired map, which could cause people to switch to playing the other map because of shorter queue times, and then just snowball from there.
Perhaps the game can choose a map randomly instead of players voting or picking, and this helps ensure variety.