Load out thoughts for guardian takedown.?

Just thought I would get some thoughts on this and perhaps input a bit of activity into the zane section.

The next takedown is nearly upon us and I have been putting a lot of thought into my load out. While for solo play it’s not a great issue as you can pause the game and swap out items as you go, I will be playing coop with my lad so doing so may be an option. We are currently assuming mainly shields and some armour but you never know :yum:

Disclaimer - of course we will have some balance changes when the content drops so some of this may be somewhat speculation.

My initial setup will be of course a seein dead setup, with kaoson and probably opq (how original lol), with shock old god.

I am currently deeply musing relic choice. The obvious would be the pearl for simplistic /no brainer damage boost (I know a victory rush is technically better but requires certain set of circumstances/actions to achieve this). I am however musing going back to the banjo.

From watching vids and reading, it looks like the tendrils do around 19-25 percent damage depending g on what you are hitting, and that only happens theoretically 20 percent of the time which doesn’t in itself seem particularly useful, however…

Mine has 20 percent shock damage which of course has some benefit to the opq explosion so slight benefit there. I am also musing the utility that it procs seein dead more often, which in turn keeps up our kill skills with greater ease, and the particular skill that keeps coming to mind is playing dirty. Presumably the more this is procced, the more of the time we can do double damage? Will this lessen our dps gap thus putting us closer to the pearl but with the added benefits of a bit extra shock damage and more easily keeping our action skills up?

Any thoughts around this most welcome.

I already know whats mines going to be and ill predict ill just plow through it like garbage.

Electric/rad plaguebearer. A cryo/corrosive plaguebearer.

A transformer shield./frozenheart/snowshoe/bulletbuffet front loader
Seeing dead

Edit: was gonna use fishslap grenade but… Lauchpad makes it obsolete
Probably going to use my normal reoccuring hex rad anointed 25% or 100% grenade damage

Cutpurse launchpad.

Other weapons… I just keep a pewpew on me because im attached like a creepy college gf.

I always have an opq.

My first slots a yellowcake and well regardless of hp increases millions of damage. I do not think the lvl cap by 3 or 5 will even touch the yc.

I guess we could have a hypothesis train but a lot of gear is about to change.

In all fairness my main chunk of text was about relic choice which there hasn’t been any mention about yet regards balancing.

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Those should be in the works as well.

As for current:

Ice Breaker VR
W/ cryo dmg/cryo eff/mag size

Last Stand VR
W/ Shotgun/A-O-E/Grenade Dmg

Still my switch betweens. If Consec hits then Pearl with mag size/ reload

I will take an Electric Banjo and a Pearl with me. Both work great on most Zane’s. Also, depending on what and how gear gets rebalanced it might be more or less worth it to use the Banjo over the Pearl. If for example the Conflux stays strong, which I would assume, then it and a Banjo would double up to get through shields and armor of multiple enemies at the same time.

What shield you use will be mostly determined by what build you have. If we have enough little (or rather light-weight) Guardians then it could be worth it for me to take my Black Hole with “at the start of the action skill, activate all effects that trigger on shield-break” anointment to that Takedown.
Then it becomes a matter of balancing for weapons: I will take with me a Hellshock as well as a Yellowcake and Plaguebearer (at least if the latter 2 don’t get nerfed to death). Also, I hope to get my hands on a Kaoson with “+200% damage while action skill is active” Anointment, ideally either in kinetic, shock, cryo or corrosive element.

And last but not least: A Recursion if the opportunity for good bounces presents itself (it is antithetical to Zane’s always-up playstyle, but it’s not too bad to time alternating action skills in a way to have the +50% elemental anointments up all the time).

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this is literally so mindless

get frontloader 150% rad reflux opq with bonus cryo

whatever launcher of choice you want, you are done.

Or a 150 rad plague bearer bullet buffet front loader.

There is no choice there is only plaguebearer meta Gawd. Ya know i always wonder why the thing does 4-5 million with minimal buffs and then homing tracking spreading mini globs that do half a mil.
But it says 40k on the card. Oh well Magic!