Loaded Dice-good or bad?

I’d like to get some opinions. Some people have said that the way the drops are now, the Loaded Dice artifact makes it worse…and I have one that also has 12% luck on it so…?

I think the real effect is not perceptible, it is impossible to tell the difference between a 1 % and a 1.5% drop rate (it’s a made up example and I don’t even think it is even this generous in reality). Now depending if you are lucky or unlucky you may infer all kind of wrong causality.

i think it’s deceptive.

you see a loaded dice and your like woohoo 12% additional luck, but practically its about a 1-2% boost.

It was handy when Graveward farming was the best way to get your legendary collection together, in part it because it barely could damage you as long as you used a Bekah, or Lyuda. Outside farming GW though, I would’ve never recommended it. And now with the very recent hotfix that made droprates as crazy as they are now, it’s probably not even nescecary anymore.

At the very least it adds on to the drop rates for events like this one with the chest.
I personally don’t find it useful for boss farming but since I heard it increases world drops I’m more likely to use it during the next event like the Halloween one if the anointments are more useful than the gear