Loader Bot as Playable Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3

I was playing Borderlands 2 yesterday and while fighting some Loaders in the Eridium Blight I had a thought: what if a Loader bot was one of the playable vault hunters in BL3? I looked it up and found several discussions about the same idea, in which I found several other ideas about said vault hunter’s abilities. This Loader bot’s skill tree would be based on the various abilities of the loader variants seen in BL2.
I also saw a good idea as to which Loader should be playable. If you recall from Borderlands 2, Mal is a malfunctioning Loader found in the Eridium Blight who wants to be human and sends you off on quests to help him feel like one. He then decides that being human means fighting other humans, so you duel him, but he survives to give you a reward because he reasons since he felt pain, he was finally human.
The idea is, if Mal wants to do whatever he thinks is human, he will also have a drive for adventure and loot, just like a vault hunter! Not only that, but Mal’s dialog is great. I am sure many players would love to hear what he says as he fights, examines loot, est.

Image of Mal

Of course, the BL3 dev team will have final say of what will happen to the game, or any fan concept they accept, but as far as I can tell this is a rather popular fan inspired vault hunter. Even if it is too late to add in new main vault hunters, Mal could be at least a DLC.