Loader Bot doesn't revive me when I go down

I got the upgrade perk that makes FL4K’s pet revive him upon going down. However, whenever I go down, my pet, sometimes near me, ignores me and doesn’t come to my aid. it so far has only revived me one time.

You need to pet him more :slight_smile: . Just kidding - it works for me, but I don’t think it’s absolutely fool proof. I think crawling toward your pet in FFYL will help.

Also - I suspect if you use Gamma Burst, pet won’t revive you, since they are busy duking it out with enemies. I also suspect (but don’t know for sure) that if pet is under heavy attack, they won’t be able to help right away (not sure if Loader bot is special in this regard or not).

Not true at all. Pet actions have an order of priority, and attack enemies is lowest on that list. First comes taunts (NMC), then revives.

OP, Loaders are just very stupid and slow. There is an aura that surrounds them where you can get your heals, so just try to get close to them.


Isn’t it the same result in the end? May be I should’ve been more precise: I meant to say “Gamma Burst with Red Fang”. Then pet is busy taunting enemies, instead of reviving me (after I managed to go into FFYL somehow)?

Yeah the loader will revive you but won’t actually always come to you when you are downed. Going into him starts the res bar tho

Nope, because Red Fang taunt is passive while the pet needs to go through an animation to activate NMC. A red fang pet will have no priority action before reviving.

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Loader Bot is beyond useless. Does not revive at all, regardless of action skill or combat situation. I can literally be next to him in FFYL and he just stands there. Also ignores attack commands 100% of the time. He also seems to sit 100 yards behind the action more often than not.

FL4K as a whole for me just sucks. Across all BL games he’s by far the worst in terms of survivability. It’s not even close. I go into FFYL every two seconds.

Try dominance or the mesmer grenade