Loader bot is attacking flak!

Hey gang its me again, three times this weekend, sorry. This one is a bit weird to say the least. So I’ve been doing a new flak with new skillntree and leveling up and just finished the game. I had been doing some runs into arms race every 10 lvls or so to get gear and push forward. On my last run before getting to tyreen and the destroyer I scored flak new class mod. This class mod as you know has a chance to do attack command when I damage an enemy. So now this is where the problem comes in, he’s attacking me, and it hurts. So let’s get through the basics first. I’m on Xbox one, im currently lol 49 and playing on mayhem 11 trying to lol to 65. I have pics of my build so far and gear if that will help anyone figure out why this is happening. I have reset the game and waited for hot fixes to ding so I think I am all good there. So not sure what to do now other than scrap the build. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks

The new FL4K class mod is bugged. Removing it should solve the issue.

Is that a remove and put back on or a remove n wait for a patch

Wait for a patch.

Ok thanks. Not what I wanted to here but good to know.

I am experiencing the same issue and removing does fix it. But since everyone is on holiday at Gearbox we probably won’t see the patch for a while.

happened to me as well but it didn’t do any damage (ps4). just annoying that every 10 seconds a barrage of rockets came my way.