Loader doesn't attack some bosses

WAR-Loader Build with Red Fang and Faulty Star, using Gamma Burst. Two examples for bosses the Loader doesn’t attack (except when I’m using the attack command): Graveward and Psychoreaver (second phase).

With attack command it’s fine, the Loader is shooting rockets on the boss. But aside from attack command, it’s like the boss doesn’t exist. I can spawn the Loader directly in front of the boss with Gamma Burst and he’s just walking back to my position. The first phase of the Psychoreaver is no problem (even when he’s ignoring the Gamma Burst and Red Fang interaction, still attacking FL4K instead of the Loader), but in the second phase…
Seems like a problem with giant bosses not standing on the ground? How can I tell my Loader he has to attack those bosses? By the way, Rakks are also acting like this - they can’t reach the boss. Standing in front of the boss (on the edge of the area), sending them to him… and after a few seconds they are turning around, flying back to me. Frustrating.

Action skills in general don’t work on Psychoreaver. With Zane, his clone won’t attack him either ( in the second phase). BL Pre Sequel Claptrap DLC had the same issue–Wilhelm’s drones didn’t touch the final boss nor did Aurelia’s cryo shards or the Jack doppelganger’s.

Loader bot is a big disappointment to me. He stands so far away from the action 99% of his shots don’t hit anything. The only time I can get him close is to switch pets back and forth so he’ll respawn where I want him. He seems to do a fraction of the damage enemy bots do, even after they stopped hitting at MH 10.

How does it work in the Youtube videos of builds? This build ist from Joltz for example, you can search “Deathbot Prime” on Youtube (I’m not sure if I may link the video here). Seems like he doesn’t have problems with any boss.

I’m ok with the Psychoreaver not being affected by Gamma Burst/Red Fang, but it’s very annoying the Loader isn’t attacking him in the second phase. What am I supposed to do? I don’t have gun damage, this build gives all damage to the pet. Waiting there until he dies on old age??
And what about Graveward? The Loader doesn’t attack him, too.

In general, I love the Loader and this build. The Loader killed the Rampager on its own on Mayhem 10, I didn’t fire a single shot at him (that was even before I equipped the Faulty Star and Red Fang). Evil Lilith is dead in 30 seconds, including the immunity phase. Lasodactyl has a lifespan of 3-5 seconds. So any mob/boss flying or porting is no problem, only the “big” ones.

Attack command can still hit them but there are some bosses AI won’t attack sadly.

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Even attack command is mostly useless, especially for Graveward. He’s moving around too much so the rockets don’t hit him.
This needs to be fixed asap, not only for FL4K, but also for Zanes Clone (and Iron Cub/Auto Bear maybe).

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