Loading a saved mission causes HW:RM CTD

I beat mission 12 of HW1:RM but saved before hitting hyperspace because I’m anal about doing my own resource collection, replenishing ship builds, and fleet reorganization before jumping to the next mission. When I loaded the game back, the game crashed to desktop without message.

in “Release” an errorlog.txt, minidump.dmp, and .mdmp files are created for each crash.

Error log starts with the following:

HomeworldRM.exe caused a Breakpoint in module Debug.dll at 0023:00031af6.
Error occurred at 3/17/2015 21:36:44.
HomeworldRM.exe, run by .
Microsoft Windows XP?.
8 processor(s), type 586.
0 MBytes physical memory.

MiniDump saved to file ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\bin\Release\3-17-2015_21_36_44_MiniDump.dmp’

I’ve updated geforce drivers, physx, installed the VCredist (your FAQ is wrong btw, 2005 VC Redist was not initially installed, and the 2010 SP1 overwrites the 2010 version), tampered with resolutions (some folks have mentioned 1080 resolutions cause issues), and tried XP SP3 compatability on the HomeworldRM.exe file (doesn’t show single player mode when launched directly and causes a “has caused a problem” crash when launched through steam link).

The 12 mission is launchable directly without save and other saves will launch. I tried playing a tutorial first, then launching the save and got an error popup that time that says “unknown object token: rotatecommand”.

I’ve decided to simply replay mission 12 and see what happens but I’d love to hear someone say “we’ll look into it.”

I replayed the mission and got hit with the unbeatable ‘destroy the source of the grav field’ issue. That’s caused by destroying the generators too quickly. Replayed AGAIN and waited a few seconds this time to give the attack order and finally was able to beat the mission. Saved before hyperspace this time and was able to successfully load that save.

What does the HwRM.log tell you? (Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release\HwRM.log) (minidumps are useless)