Loading screen?

I am just now getting into the game. I know it has been out for a while now, but I haven’t been able to play it until now. I am also sure there is some similar topic buried in the forum somewhere, but can’t find it.
Basically, I am wondering why there is such a ridiculously long loading screen every time I load up the game. It may have been this way when I first played it (bought the game at launch but didn’t play much due to various circumstances), but I can’t remember. At first, when I loaded, I assumed it was like that because I had to reinstall the game. But no, it is every single time I load the game, I have to sit through a 3-5 minutes loading bar with Claptrap dancing across the bottom before I can even play. What is the deal?

I think it’s because the game is configured to use DirectX 12, and if I remember correctly, it increases the initial loading time, but supposedly has better performance.

Try switching to DirectX 11.

Are you playing on console or pc? On console this is totally normal…

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Yep that’s normal behavior for console. Only way to improve the load time is to install an ssd. Or get a next gen console when they launch.

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Yes, I am playing on console. My question is how is this normal? No other game I play has a super long load time at the start, before I even get into the menu. I have played games that load up for a bit before I get into the game itself, but none that take a long time to even get to the menu like this. This is annoying, and kind of making me not want to play the game much.

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I did get an external SSD for my Xbox 1S just for that - and it did not help much. Still getting about 8 Claptraps of loading screens. I think it was faster at launch, but with all extra patches and optimizations, I guess they now have to load even more stuff at the beginning.

My mid range PC has about 2 Claptraps of waiting time, 1.5 of which is spent in “Optimize shaders” part, so consoles are definitely suffering here.

Yep this is annoying but it is how it is… The game feels to release player more like a beta than a complete game. We’ve been through so much ■■■■ and it seems like GBX want to fix all problems with the new consoles. Imagine we don’t have a vertical splitscreen and this is going to be a feature on the new consoles…
The game itself is good, but some decisions of GBX not. We’re asking for the same weeks for months without any responses. If you play offline your game will be on a state of a few months before. For example my IB doesn’t make any damage if I play offline so it’s kind of a always on game. We had funny farm events and after it they raised EVERY time the level cap so farming was more useless for us. Imagine to farm gear for two weeks and then they raised the level…

GBX was not able to make this game as good as it should be. I don’t know if you played one borderlands before but in the endgame you have to quit out for bosses to respawn. This takes you always over a minute and the fight itself mostly under 25sec…

I really want to love this game, but as I said a couple of times in the forum: I never had to register on a forum to share my frustration.

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Tbh no one out side of a gearbox bl3 programmer can tell you why as they would know what the cause is the player base can only guess

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The game does a LOT of very ambitious graphics stuff. During the claptrap dance loading screen it is initialising the shaders etc that make that possible. (It probably does other stuff as well, but that’s the stuff we know about for sure). It actually generates a fair chunk of temp data on disk doing that. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty intensive job so it takes time on original XB1/PS4 with regular hard drives. As noted above, it speeds up with an SSD.

If you’re interested, look up the BL3 GDC panel from a few years ago in which Randy P. walks through some of the graphics they developed for BL3.

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I know this doesn’t really help matters but BL3 is the only game that crashes my console (XB1X)on a consistent basis and as others have said some of us have been on these forums for awhile now and and still waiting for fixes.

Maybe the new consoles will perform better but I can assure you that I certainly am not going to put this game into a brand new console in hopes that it works as it should of when it released. Just not a fan possibly bricking my console just to play one game.