Loadouts 2.0 (gear sharing)

We should remove loadouts and allow Heroes to be assigned to gear in our Inventory which would allow us to share specific pieces without having to switch it up in our current loadout. For example, we can right click on a piece of gear and a menu of Hero names pops up and allows us to check off which Heroes you want to have that gear on. You can even implement loadouts within the pop-up menu if you have multiple specs. This would remove the need to shuffle gear around before matches and also have multiple loadouts that may share gear that works on multiple characters.

You can already have multiple loadouts that share gear on multiple characters. Why do you need more than 9 builds for characters? I have one build that works for all projectile-based characters, one that works for all tanks, and one that works for all melee/dps characters.

I kind of agree with the above. Although your system might be a tad better, there is nothing wrong with the system in place. It’s not worth the work and efford it would take to change.