Loadouts, Stats and Such

So, I’ve created this thread to see how people’s loadouts, playtime, BA Rank etc. differ from other people’s. I’ll try and set the layout/template for others to try and follow.
Some of these I’ll leave blank for now, as I’m at work so I can’t post certain things until i get home.

Main: Axton
Level: 72
Max OP level at time of posting: OP1
Playtime: 14 days, 2 hours, 33 minutes and 43 seconds (this is just from my main GT saves, not including my maybe 4 or 5 “offline”“non-XBL” saves).
BA Rank:
OP1 Lascaux (prefix will be added later)
OP1 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Lvl71 White Death
Lvl72 Caustic TMP

Lvl51 Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold (horrifically underlevelled!)
Scaling(?) Grog Nozzle (from the quest The Beard Makes The Man, I wasn’t on Xbox Live much in the days of the Loot Hunts and stuff)

This will be edited when I get home, so in the meantime just post your stuff!
Maybe I’ll make this an, I dunno, I’d like to say a yearly thread, obviously after the release of BL3 and we’re still playing it 2 years on, but I doubt I’d remember to.make a thread about it a year on.

I find things like this really interesting…

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Main: Maya
Level 72
Playtime: Been playing it for 3,5 years now. Totally addicted!
Badass rank: ~380.000
Loadout: Grog, Sandhawk, Conference Call, Norfleet
I use a Quasar mostly, but also Storm Front, Bonus Package and Corrosive or Slag Bouncing Bonny. Shield-wise it varies a bit more. Depends on the situation.

OP 8 Krieg
OP 8 Gaige
lvl 61 Sal, Axton and Zero. No real surprises when it comes to loadouts.

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Main: Axton
Level: 72 OP 8
Playtime: from Day 1
BA Rank: 186000


Siren -OP 8 / Mechromancer - OP 8 /
Gunzerker - OP 8 /

main Guns/Gear
DPUH, Sandhawk, Shreddifier, Norfleet, MMx4, Sheriffs Badge

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Playtime: 2 years
BA Rank: 59k


Level 70

  • Veruc (acid)
  • Florentine (slag/shock)
  • Hydra
  • Bunny (slag)


Level 70

  • Veruc (acid)
  • Florentine (slag/shock)
  • Blockhead (fire)
  • Tediore RL


Level 70

  • Pimpernel (slag)
  • Sandhawk (shock)
  • Rubi (slag)
  • Tediore RL


Level 70

  • Rapier
  • Bandit Smg (slag)
  • Rubi with blade (shock)
  • Vladof RL


Level 50


Level 41


Level 64

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Playtime: Since last spring
BAR: 30,633

Main: Maya
Level: 72
OP 4 (gaining OP levels still, doing it in Co-op with a Gaige)
OP 4 Heartbreaker, OP 3 ladyfist, OP 3 rubi, and (purely because OP 4 is full of those blasted turrets) OP 4 Stinkpot.
L. Binder, BoA in all elements, lvl 72 shock Leech, and an OP 3 Deadly Bloom shield.

A level 5 or 6 gunzerker who I played with for maybe a half hour before realizing it wasn’t my playstyle.

Level 39 (Also, my new main, because Melee is SO UNEXPECTEDLY FUN)
It doesn’t matter what I have, other than the one weapon I use: Law (from the first playthrough. I’m so Melee based I don’t have any on-level guns)
Order shield, also from the first playthrough. The Roid damage is still relevant, but the capacity is ■■■■ (doesn’t matter because Roid shield)
Cooldown relic
Lethal ninja COM (green)
outdated purple longbow tesla which I never use

notes on the two characters I play: Maya was my first, and is my favorite. But when I raise my Zer0 to that level I may like him more, he’s a true joy to play. Sal was just cumbersome, not going back to that.

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Main: Krieg
Level 72
Max op level:8(though I realised I suck at op 8 melee and hellborn. So these are unused.)
Playtime: totting up the characters I have now. So not including any 1 life’s or my first character who was on my stolen xbox. ~42 days
Or ~10 months since I first booted it up
Ba rank: slight above 98k
Loadout: on Krieg? Random green Roid shield and a op6 legendary sickle until I find a level 72 version. Oh and my buzzaxe.
Alts: … ok from memory.
53 gaige, op8 sal, 3 psycho, 19 psycho, 47 gaige, 72 Maya, 72 zero(my second favourite), 30 axton, 14 sal, 7 psycho… that’s all I can remember.

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Main: Krieg (Korpsegrinder)
Lv: 72 OP8
Playtime: roughly 800 hours since I bought the game on Steam, yet playing from April 2014.
BA Rank: 310k, roughly
Loadout: Grog/Slagga, DPUH, Carnage/Butcher/CC, Norfleet. Rough Rider, Leg Reaper, Storm Front/Magic Missile, Blood of Seraphs. All OP8 Stuff.

Alts: Melee K, Hellborn K and Explosive K, some backpack chars + 25 Sal who is from my brother

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Playtime: 500something hours, around 60k badass rank

Main: zer0 (OP4)
Slag rapier
Slag evisceration rubi
Casual swordsplosion

Legendary ninja
Proficiency relic
Homing slag bouncing betty/slag transfusion
Love thumper

KRIEG (70)

Legendary sickle
Lobbed sticky slag singularity
Love thumper
Strength relic

Little Evie/shock or corrosive hail/shock fibber /thunderball fists (switch this slot a lot)
Slag rubi
Shock e-tech launcher

Black hole
Longbow quasar
Shock bone of ancients
Legendary anarchist for getting stacks. Switch to catalyst or mechromancer later.

Slag chere-amie
Slag rubi
Interfacer/casual swordsplosion
Fire e-tech launcher

Fire bone of ancients
Slag transfusion/magic missile
Legendary siren

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Main: Salvador BAR: 198,490
Build: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#505020521515145000515115400040000
Level: OP8
Time in game: July 2013
Time with Sal: 18:12:33:53
Load out: OP8 DPUH, OP8 Binary Grog Nozzle, OP8 Practicable Butcher x2 (one shock, one fire- will switch out to either a fire Plenteous Norfleet or Hot Button Lady Fist as needed), OP8 Antagonist, OP8 MM (or Tesla), OP6 Sheriff’s Badge, OP8 L. Hoarder/L. Gunzerker

Alts: everyone else, all at OP8
Axton- 15:09:09:13
Krieg- 14:00:08:00
Maya- 13:21:22:48
Zero- 11:19:52:11
Gaige- 10:00:55:05 (this is actually my second Gaige- the first was lost due to a corrupted flash drive)
About a dozen or so mules as well…

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This is awesome guys, really liking these replies, pretty interesting! Keep em coming!!
Looking at these BA ranks, and knowing I’m nowhere near any of them, I’m still a noob in my books!!