Loads of stuff to trade . LF specific items

I’m looking for :
Gamma burst anointed gear or 100% damage boost after action skill end.
Prefer on cutsman , pestilence , crossroads , lasersploders , devils Forsum , flakker , lucians call , rowans call. Lyuda , king / Queen’s call.

Red suit shield (anointed )
Rad recurring hex ( anointed ) regen 1 grenade

Bounty hunter class mod for flak
With offensive stats like any weapon damage , Crit damage , Crit damage for Jacob guns , grenade damage , mag size , action skill cooldown rate

Phasezerker class mod siren ( most points in anima)
Also offensive stats same as on bounty hunter.

Blast master class mod for moze
With at least grenade damage prefer rest also offensive.

This is most what I have to offer .

image image image image image image image image image

Let me know if you see anything interesting.
My gamertag : mrbs87

I have quite a few annointed weapons you are looking for. Interested in your cryo lucians call that boost cryo damage by 50% when sntnl is active.

GT o Hired Gun o

I have red suit 20 cooldown, rad recurring hex plus 1. Interested in that beastmaster fire lyuda and the zane mod with ar dmg, crit dmg, sniper dmg. gt - Tha Lucky 1