Lob doesn't burst fire anymore

I’ve installed the new Patch (and yes, Hotfixes are applied) and it seems that the Lob does no longer fire a burst of 3 orbs, a change that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes. It has however retained its high damage.
As the patchnotes didn’t mention the Lob at all I’m gonna assume this is a bug.

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i have this issue too, waiting to see if any information relating to this is released.
can anyone recommend a replacement to use in the meantime?

It’s still pretty powerful, honestly.

I also hope that this is a Bug. Yeah the gun is stil strong but it is a hefty blow Dps wise. Also this is only the case on the Epic version apparently. On steam it stil has it’s usual 3 orb burst o.O

Well, if it’s only on one platform, that’s most certainly a bug…

I only ask incase there’s anything to match its previous output.