Lob got nerfed?

Just loaded in and the love is down to 800 damage. Lol :astonished::grinning: anyone else?

Have you turned it off and on again? :joy:. (Reload the game and wait for the hotfix!)

Oh I did. Lol no more traunt farming in 2 seconds

I don’t think it’s been nerfed, did you fully quit the game and watch claptard mince across the screen?

Are you on pc? If so, im not sure! Im Xbox.

Yep. And I’m on xbox


I think it’s more of an issue where the hotfixes are not applying for some reason.

Aanndd… Relax! Did a full reboot and its back to normal. It really threw me since the hotfix sign pinged on but, whatever! :joy::joy::sunglasses:

Weird. Also if you try to jump on the elevator after you kill freddy, you can’t lol. The weight of Freddy’s awesomeness must weigh it down. :laughing: