Lobby Creation Failed

I having the same issues as well know I was having it before the updated and then i was able to play and I was playing for about 2 hours today with then new character and I closed out the game for just a few mins and try to log back in and now it would let me back in with Lobby Creation Failed showing right back up, the funny thing is I can login with my wife’s account on her system and play on her account but if I try jumping on my account on her system it does the same thing.


same thing is happening to me… I redownloaded the game after not playing for a bit for the update and I am currently stuck at that exact point you are.

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Have the exact same problem. Happened last night and I couldn’t play for about 2.5 hrs. and now I have the same problem again today. Any word gearbox?

I had this issue. Seemed like an NAT connection problem. I couldn’t play COD or Bb online, but literally everything else in my house that required Internet was working.

I just unplugged my modem and plugged it back in again. Everything was fine after that.

I’m having the same issue, girlfriend’s account works on both PS4s, mine doesn’t. Resetting internet modem didn’t change anything. My account on PC works fine.

Once again having this problem, at the same time as I did last night. No problem with connecting to anything else, same NAT type as I always have. I’m assuming this is server side.

Started to me some 8 hours after i downloaded patch and have not been able to get in to the game since Then

Just bought the battleborn and system new, Downloaded everything for the game started it up and cannot create a lobby either, haven’t got to play it once yet

@joeystrass @wban13 @tolkenwhiteboy78
I implore all of you and everyone in this thread to please out in a support ticket
The staff is quick and helpful and details could be a great boon to your battleborning

it has nothing to do with your connection,. I just let my friend try to sign in from his system on my name but it still didnt work. But my friend can sign in perfectly fine