Lobby V 2 suggestions

Love the new update to the lobby, the color codes and right click menu invite options are very needed. The help menu with the / key is awesome, the extended typing now possible in multiplayer games is much appreciated as well.

I do have one request though, an option to turn off the join/leave/enter game/lobby messages. It gets to the point that messages typed are scrolled off the screen due to those notices. I always had it turned off in other games I own that used it, it would be awesome if that were an option here too.

Additionally can we get some official word on how the lobby is split? By this I mean how does the system determine when to spawn a new lobby or move new joiners into a new lobby when the current is too busy/full?

I ask because Sunday there were two separate lobbies, one with over 30 players, the other with under 20 and we could not talk to each other unless in the same game lobby. I was in team speak with others who were seeing a different lobby that I was and until we were in the same game we could not chat to each other except in the game chat.

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1 - Check Options->UI & HUD - You’re welcome :wink:
2 - The lobby is capped at 256 members, I think. If you saw a split, it was likely a hiccup with Steam, not us. They actually happen pretty often, which is weird.


Any way to remedy #2?

Thanks for #1!!!

number 2 is Steam’s issue. If a user is coming into MP and asks ‘is there a chat lobby out there?!’ - and Steam says ‘nope’ or ‘this tiny one’ - we have no real recourse.

Darn, good to know though, thanks!