Local (aka couch / offline) co-op?

Can someone tell me how to accomplish local co-op in this remastered Borderlands on PS4? All the second person has to do is press X to join a game on another profile in BL2. I don’t see any prompts to “join” in the new remastered original BL game. Nothing else I’ve tried works, so now I’m asking for some help. Thanks.

From the official announcement for the game:

“In addition to the new Ultra HD visuals, game-changing improvements in Borderlands: Game of the Year—some of which you might recognize from more recent Borderlands games—include local co-op support for up to four players on a single console,”

It’s been a while, but I think they either have to join before you launch the session, or you have to pause the game to get the relevant screen up so they can join? That’s how I remember it working on XBox, anyway.

I figured it out.

  1. From Main Menu on Host PS ID/account, click “Start Game”. This brings you to a “Lobby” menu.
  2. Power on second controller and select second PS ID/account, if not already done so.
  3. On second controller, IGNORE “Select Character” at the top under “Options”.
    Continue with the following using second controller:
    a) Select “Play Game”. You might see a flash of something…
    b) Press the Triangle button.
    c) Repeat above two steps as necessary until a “Load Character” screen appears. **
    d) Select/create second player’s character.
  4. Host player can then select “Play Game” to finally begin co-op game.

** This might take a while for the system to respond, which is why it didn’t work for me when I was trying every button. I finally noticed a flash of something when trying again, and when pressing X and holding triangle a little longer, I got a “Load Character” menu ( there is a second “Select Character” at the bottom of the screen with a Triangle prompt.) It took multiple attempts but finally pressing X then triangle many times displayed the “Load Character” menu, which allows the second player to join the host session.