Local and Online Co-op at the same time?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to play a 3 player Co-op game where 2 people are split-screen on the same Xbox 360, and the 3rd player is connected via Xbox Live?

I’m assuming if it’s possible that both split-screen accounts would have to be Gold. I’d just like to know the answer before I spend the money on a second Gold account purely to do this.

(I know when I tried several months ago to do split-screen with 1 Gold and 1 Silver account, it forced me to local play only. Is this true even if both are Gold members?)

Thanks in advance!

Not sure, I’d imagine so.

Yes, as long as the 2 spiltscreen accounts have gold you can play online co-op.

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Awesome! Great to hear!

Now to convince my wife to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done this with my son and some on-line friends a few times. The only thing that can be a bit weird is the mic/headset thing. Otherwise, never had a problem with it.

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