Local Co-Op not available

Before I start, I’d just like to say that I respect if local co-op is not for you. That is not what I would like to discuss, however.

Why is local co-op not in this game on PC? It is available on PS4, which is inferior to my PC. The developers have had several years to figure out a way to make local co-op work on PC and they have decided against it. I would like to know why they have decided against it. I would like to play this game on my steam link with 2 Xbox One controllers, but this is not possible and I would like to know why it was not implemented on PC.

It’s a really good remaster, but I would have certainly traded whatever graphical upgrades that came with it for an out-of-the-box couch co-op experience with a friend.

I understand that people don’t like the thought of playing on anything other than kbm or that they would rather play via LAN party but I should not have to buy this game on 2 steam accounts to make it work. I’m very disappointed, and I feel like the lack of this feature puts the PC port below the console port, which is very sad.

If somebody can tell me why this feature was not implemented on a remaster made nearly a decade later, despite the fanbase literally begging for it nonstop, I am all ears.

This has been asked before regarding BL2, and It comes down to an issue with Steam implementation on Windows - you can’t have two Steam accounts logged in simultaneously on the same Windows user, which is what you’d need to do if you wanted to have it work the same way as it does on console.

IIRC it was looked in to previously, but the amount of work required to get around the built-in limitations to allow split-screen or dual monitor (even with controllers) was considered too time-consuming and costly.

XBox and PS both have local co-op support baked in to the hardware and OS, so it’s easier for developers to implement in their games.