Local split screen co-op, am i missing something?

Allright, let’s brush off the horrendous way the split screen is used and get to the point.

Why the heck is it not possible for my guests to use the battleborns i’ve unlocked? The local multiplayer system on this gen consoles (and X360) is already horrendous, but the second player in battleborn has acces to exactly zero heroes. He can select a “random” hero which would be the wannabe spartan every darn time. Oh, and i couldn’t use the guest mode for my buddy, i had to create an account and connect it to psn, we had to play the prologue twice to get at least some choice…

Had the same exact feeling yesterday when playing with my fiance (on Xbox One). I have about 10 characters unlocked but she has to unlock them all over again instead of being “linked” to my account and having access to my battleborn? Seems a bit ridiculous

Unfortunately that’s the way the dev decided to go with the game to make it like two independent persons playing the game with zero sharing “besides a shared screen”

The point that you need to play through the prologue twice as they do not allow split screen play for that is quite silly also