[Localization Bug] Spanish

Hi everyone, I have seen just a minor localization bug (in Spanish, I don’t know in other languages because in order to check I have to complete a full mission).
The bug is this one in the link http://steamcommunity.com/id/megact/screenshot/495771250000959508. Instead of “SEÑOR DE LA GUERRA NIX” (WARLORD NIX in English), the first boss in that mission; the closed caption must be “CUSTODIO” (CONSERVATOR), like it is shown over the boss HP bar.

Thx fellow battleborns.

This is the Official Gearbox forum.

And you’ve posted in the right section.

Yes, the problem of copy paste XD, I posted this on reddit before XD

This also happens in “the algorithm” The mid boss name appears in the closed caption when ISIC boss intro appears.