Localization Issue on Director's Cut DLC

I play on the french version of the game, and I found it quite odd that Hemovorous kept dropping allegiance relics with only one or two rolls everytime. Especially when friends kept telling me they were getting relics with three rolls.

After getting a really good Jakobs Company Man relic :

with two rolls again, I decided to change System Language to boot BL3 in english version.

Here is the exact same relic, with US version :

As you can see, Radiation Damage doesn’t appear in french version. It makes it very annoying to farm Hemovorous when you can’t even trust item cards cause they might not have everything displayed.

Would like to know if there is a way to fix this, or maybe give feedback to dev team or localization team.

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Bump. Please, I’d really like to know if dev team is aware of this.

Hey there: the best way is to send your screen shots in to 2K Support - the link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

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