Localization upload instructions clarification

Hi there - the thread about how to upload localization to the steam workshop is a bit of a mess so I thought I’d ask for clarification on what ended up happening with it.
The problem is right now that our mod’s custom shipnames are held in “gundam.dat” the problem is that this is only spit out by steam into “english.big” so when somebody goes to load the mod in German or Russian etc. it shows $209876 type numbers in place of the custom race names and ship titles when at LEAST the english patch running by default would work(Mobile Suits have model numbers using english characters despite it being from a japanese anime so MS06-S means the same thing to someone speaking German, Japanese, English, etc. it just needs to actually LOAD the english names by default for those other languages)

Right now the running theory is we just have to upload the same file for each language the same way we did for it to spit out the data file into english.big, right? Is there more lua coding to it or placing of files in the locale folder(which appears to do nothing for us at the moment) that I’m missing here?