Location of Support ID on Tales from the borderlands

Hi I’m trying to fix a problem with my game and the support team asked me to give them the support ID but I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the game nor can I even find the tab its supposed to be in, can anyone help please :frowning:

iirc it’s in the Shift menu, which might be missing in new version of Tales. Maybe just ask the support where to look.
What’s the issue btw?

I can’t find the shift menu anywhere even with the instructions the support team gave me :frowning: basically the issue is that I bought the game a couple of years ago and a month or si ago I decided to play it again but when I tried to play any episode that ain’t the first one it tells me that they’re “coming soon” so basically it won’t tell me to buy them or download them it says that the episodes don’t exist yet
I’ve been trying everything but this shift menu thing is nowhere to be seen
Also thanks for the help

It was removed from new released version iirc.

What platform?

I just fired my copy up (OG XB1), and I can’t find a SHIFT support ID anywhere either. I do, however, have all 5 episodes downloaded and installed; I also have a complete game save file. I did have to reaccept all the Terms and Conditions stuff (it’s been a while!)

FWIW TftB Episode 1 is showing as version

Original Xbox one

I do have my old game save file but now I can’t go past the first episode :frowning:

Can’t help then. I’m on PlayStation and to download all the five episodes I need to find them in my Library. They are listed separately iirc. And the “new” release is another thing, so if you have the original one make sure you have them all downloaded.

OK. Just looking at mine right now. First highlight the game, hit the menu button, and select the “Manage” option. On the main game page mine says “TftB - Episode 1: Zer0 Sum” and then just below that “4 add-ons installed”

Hit the menu button on your controller again and select the “Manage Installation on…” item. That should show the main game and all the add-ons. If the “Installed” checkbox for the add-ons is unchecked, you should be able to trigger a fresh download by checking them all and clicking “Save changes”

If your copy isn’t listing any of the add-ons at all, I would suggest using the “View in MS Store” option and seeing if you can select them there.

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