Locations Reset

I am going for “all locations” achievements on all the planets and this is a joke. If my game closes at all, for any reason, all the process I have is lost. Basically, I have to sit down, relocate locations I already have in one sitting and hope I don’t lose power, game freezes, etc. This is buggy on a whole new level. Players shouldn’t have to cycle through areas already located due to bad coding. I proved this by leaving one location on Pandora and then shutting off the game. When I reloaded and found the last location, no achievement popped. I then “re-found” all my Pandora locations and the achievement popped. Same for Promethea. This should not be a “thing” that happens. This is ridiculous if I want the “Master of All You Survey” achievement. I’m disgusted

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There are multiple reports of it being buggy to unlock, I had that happen myself. But not exactly in the way you are reporting. That might make it a new issue.

You can report it to 2K. That’s the official channel for bug reports. If someone has discovered something that can help you resolve this, I hope they wander past and comment.

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So I having the same issue too. None of my location will save they all reset

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I reported the issue to them. Thank you for the help. Hopefully there is some sort of fix

Made a new character and it not saving it locations at all

Having same issue on ps4. Got trophy for Promethea only after going back through and re-finding every location.