Locked button in Meridian outskirts

So In meridian outskirt I was wandering around and found this place where nothing was happening, no ennemies or anything except for crates and stuff

I then found this button which was locked for some reason so I thought It was either a secret or just a side quest but I had done every quest in the area

When I looked around some more I found this tiny hidden green button (not green anymore since I touched it) but when I activated it, nothing really happened

but the terminal it was on is actualy linked to the locked button and another place but I can’t seem to find any other button or way to unlock the first locked button. Does anyone know what to do with that? Is it a secret or just something that take you there later in the game?

It’s the sidequest “Technical Nog Out”, that gives you a nog controlling grenade called Nog potion #9.