Locked character bug

I have the season pass, but it shows Alani as unlocked (shes still locked) but it shows as unlocked and there is no hero key anywhere and I Can’t play her on my Xbox right now because of that reason. How do i fix this bug with showing them as unlocked because i go into game and shes locked. I would really like to play her. Any tips or help? I cant seem to find out what is causing the problem nor how to fix it.

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Crap. I can see myself having the same problem when I get home tonight. I’ve had the same bug almost a week after launch and it never corrected itself. So yeah unlock requirements vanished on the command menu awhile ago.
Also the game still is asking for me to buy the season pass even though I redeemed it with a code at launch. I even have the skins and season pass member title.

Yeah, im hoping someone out there is able to fix it.