Locked Doors in Ascension Bluff?

Does anyone know how or when you can get into these doors in Ascension Bluff?


If something is blocked by doors it’s most likely part of the side mission or arenas for circle of slaughter :slightly_smiling_face:


you come back to it later after u speak to the eridium dude way later in the game then u come back and decipher the eridium markings around the map and the door opens…i read it somewhere online

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I have all the writings and it still didn’t open


Has anyone figured this out?

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Please us https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/Borderlands-3/BL3-Spoilers for spoiler related content. That said, I also do wonder about the same thing. I love this type of stuff!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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i just got in. i used a cyclone with a triple booster to jump up to the mountain above the arena from the toilet stone pillar you go under to get to the door. from here i went down to the right end of the invisible barrier that is on the mountain, where i dropped on to a ledge slightly under the edge. then i used fade away for an extra speedboost and jumped towards the arena. this took me a few tries so i reccomend that you use the cyclone as a spawn point to quickly get up on the mountain again if you want to try this.
There seems to not be anything in the arena but there is still that room behind the door, which is probably the way out after you have beat the boss that definetly spawn here. but i guess no one knows how to activate all of this stuff. apparantly getting into the arena is not enough. This might suggest that everything is part of some secret quest.


Solved :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t call that solved, but it’s a step in the right direction.


That’s amazing!

Inhate to say, though, I’d be saddened if the first (and maybe only) RAID boss was a repeat of a RAID boss from 2.

Ummm am I remembering wrong or are there more doors like that in other locations?

Or is that the only one found?

That Varkid door gem thing…ha!

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Why not? Because it’s not official yet?


Because it isn’t solved. We still don’t know how to open the door.





Fair point.

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And I feel like when we open the door it will be something special.


Come on GBX we need help with this please!

worst part we have no idea if its even in the game right now or whats need to open the doors is.Just look at how legendary class mods are not even in the offline vr of the game and only in the online because of a hotfix thats only in effect wile online XC.

I’ve just “found” the Hammerlock hunt in the droguhts where you have to kill an entire family of varkids and noticed that Hammerlock at the end says that he hope to hear soon from the(rest of the) family? could this be another hint since we all think the boss is a varkid?


At the left side of the Door theres a Varkin nest with a Vaughn statue on the side that shifting from solid green to golden somtimes , must be some kind of Hint on how to open it up

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I was just checking your post when I met a group of varkids there. One of them was special. (the armoured one) He did not attack me IF I didn’t come near to the closed door.

Did anyone else experience this kind of behavior from a varkid?
The area has two doors. I was on the higher one next to the bandit camp.

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Same happened with me about 5 minutes ago, that’s one of the reasons I googled the door.

@emil.hansen96 found the statue too, but I think the green glow might be from the time of day, been staring at it for a couple of minutes after saw you comment, nothing

update: while I was looking at the statue the varkids respawned, and now there is 2 badass varkid, a corrosion and a fire, both of them uninterested in me