Locked gate in hatreds shadow ttadk

so theres a gate blocking the way to the lift where one of the vault symbols is in hatreds shadow how do I get this dang thing open. I know its probably something stupidly obvious but I’m stumped

I believe that lift is only accessible once you unlock it from the top, and then are free to use it to go back down. I’m not certain it is the one I think you’re speaking of, but if it is, I remember it being locked originally.

yes this and also when I go to get that vault symbol it’s a lot easier if you have a second person there to operate the elevator, as you need to position yourself just right to get it as you go down or up.

have got xbox 1 now along with Handsome Borderlands Package, but haven’t loaded it in yet, have been playing Fallout 4 on it right now, but will switch back to the 360 the next night or 2 as I have 2 people wanting powerleveled, if your on at that time and still need help getting it just ask.

cant get to top part of lift either that’s blocked
off as well . is there a side mission I need to do or someething

I think there are 2 entrances to it on the top. I know it’s blocked by a gate on the one side, but can’t remember if the far side is blocked or not, the only side mission that I can think of that’s specific to that map is “Loot Ninja” and I’ve always picked it up to complete as I run through on the main quest