Locked or bugged paint jobs?

I have 22/34 outrunner paint jobs, 24/33 technical paint jobs, and 18/26 cyclone paint jobs… and I’m stuck at that. Has anyone unlocked them all? Are there some that spawn during specific events, “shenanigans,” or missions? Are they locked to specific regions? I noticed there are special ones like Skagzilla are only found in one spot.

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Some skins are hidden in rare spawns, as mision reward or unobtainable. Check this topic for more details.

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Someone know where outrunner pirate and emergency cyclone can be collected?

Shenanigans means?
Edit: emergency skin confirmed on desolation edge
edit2: pirate skin confirmed in the droughts

I’ve been trying to get those as well. From the guides I’ve seen it looks like one is locked behind a mission on Floodmoor Basin. The others are spawn during certain points on your story progress. I believe there was one that’s locked behind level 7. I’m not totally sure on how to get any more. I’ve been stuck for days already. Hopefully, something will be announced or posted by someone to make this easier.