Locked out of Story Mode by Bots Battle

If you quit a Versus game, has it always locked you out of Story Mode? I don’t remember it doing that before.

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Yes, some ppl just quited pvp ( some of us try to fight 4v5) so instead of only wait few minutes for a surrender they must wait all match. Instead of only jump to pve while waiting for pvp now they get punished.


That stinks. If I quit a story mission does it lock me out of versus missions?

I dont know, probably not as pve difficulity lowers whith fewer players, while pvp difficulity increases when someone leaves.

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Never noticed any thrall disappearing when someone quits in PVE. If you quit story mode, it should lock you out of versus until the story mission is finished. Was going to try it, but that’s not really fair to the team.


it only lets you join another game when you have no current games in progress. so if you quit sp pve, since the server ends the game, you can join other games. but if the pve game continues without you (others playing) you cannot join another game.


Thanks. As long as it works both ways, that’s fair.

yup, you can go putts around in training I believe but you cant do anything other than play Titanfall 2 until your match is done

I’ve been thinking about this and have changed my mind. It is not acceptable to me to not be allowed to play a game I purchased without sitting through the terrible waste of time that is a team of relatively new players voting to play the Sentinel.

If this game had always been F2P with a proviso explaining these conditions for playing, then it would have been acceptable.

You sure? I’ve had instances where I’ve quit PvE activities after which I can jump into any other activity. It tells me that the game is still going, but I can just decline to join it and go straight int matchmaking after I’ve declined it…


Yup, this would be correct.

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Deal with it. It’s not difficult to carry new players in story unless it’s Heliophage. Every mission has a way to cheese anything in it. If you don’t trust your teammates than jyst pick a character to carry.

I have carried a team of 5 heliophage with deande, i had a pendles who did NOTHING only revive ppl (sometimes) alani who only healed herself 24/7, a battle miko and the worst sniper of the world: a marquis who dmg was below miko!! God i swear he tried to hit but nope.

I used deande with oath of sustain ( i healed more than alani), broach of leech steal and a legendary shard generator with 10.5 regen just incase my team decided to waste all the lives.

We did it! And i turned of the ps4 and took a break after that painfull experience.

The end video is actually a good reward i love it.

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Leading a team through the Sentinel and showing them the path is one of my favorite things to do. However, when I’m playing with a team who all jump off the first ledge and die immediately, I just want to quit and play something else.

Sounds like every game of The Saboteur in the history of ever :grin:

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Played the Saboteur for the first time in ages and it seems much easier to me.

I love that feature. Many times have I played tough versus matches and someone quits when we start losing, but then we come back strong and win after 28 minutes. It just feels like I’m sailing by the quitter on a rainbow, flipping the bird while yelling “Victory!”

Quitting because it goes bad and then having to wait while your team fights on and wins… completely fair.


Totally agree for real PVP, but not Bots Battle or story mode.

Maybe not Story mode, because that scales down when someone leaves, but in bots battle you’re still screwing your team over if they’re not that good.

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