Locked out of Titan Facility Chests after Boss

I just beat the Giant Robot Boss in the Titan Facility, and my inventory was full when the chests inside the door to the back left opened, so i figured i would come back later as there’s no accessible vendor in the area.

I came back, now the door is to the chests is locked. I can’t seem to open the chests, i’ve even tried save/quit and that didn’t work either. Did I just royally screw myself over on loot all because of my full inventory? And how do I get that door to open again? Will I have to beat the boss again?

If I’m understanding correctly, it sounds as if this was your first Felicity kill. That would mean that you just did the whole event putting her together and such. Based on those assumptions:

You will probably have to kill her again, but you don’t need to repeat the event. You can pretty much run straight to the fight room. It’s a quick run.

If i remember correctly you must turn mision to jack in concordia before you can fight her again and get access to chests

I figured as much. I was going to turn in the quest and try again, but I ended up forgetting to. It’ll probably be the next thing I do once I get back to BLTPS(now playing BL2 again) before I continue the story further.