Locked Rewards?

Okay, I just used 4,000 VIP points to unlock World Burn and it took my 4,000 points and said that it was mine now, but I went to my game and it’s not there, so I check back on my Borderlands VIP page and it says that my reward weapon that I used points for is locked. Locked?

  1. Why would it be locked if it let me buy it?
  2. Will it unlock/when? (I already do have the Fight For Sanctuary DLC)
  3. If it won’t unlock, how can I get my 4,000 points back?

What am I missing???!!

When did you unlock it? It says there may be a delay, up to two hours if I’m not mistaken, so if it was right now give it a bit of time.

Alternatively there may be a hiccup in the system. I saw another thread about the same for a Conference Call and Bee.

There’s a big thread for all these issues too but I don’t have a link on hand right now.


Something similar happened to me.

I signed up for the VIP Rewards, and unlocked a few items, but they weren’t showing up in my backpack on the PS4.

The problem was that I had forgotten I had opened a Gearbox account a long time ago that was connected to the PS3, and my PS4 was using that old account.

My solution was to spend 15 minutes trying to recollect the password on the old account connected to the PS3/PS4, and then logging into the VIP website again using those details. Then I collected more points using codes, unlocked some weapons, and then logged back into my PS4, and they were in my backpack.

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