Locked vip rewards

So I unlocked a bee and a conference call with my vip points. When I tried to unlock another one of them, the page said that I have reached my maximum number for this reward. Is that normal for the legendary weapons? Because I am able to unlock multiple hellfires.

Purple rarity (unique)? No. The bee, and CC are both legendary. I have no idea where you got that they’re unique from.

It depends on how you unlocked it. If you did it with the Free Weapon Randomizer, you can only use that once per “Season” of VIP Rewards, once for “Season 1”, and once for “Season 2”. That could be why you’re getting the reply you are.

You should be able to buy more of the rare weapons at 4,000 VIP Points each, but I don’t know yet if you can buy more than one of the same weapon, because I haven’t tried that yet myself. I hope someone else can provide more info on that.

I didn’t get them via the randomizer. I unlocked them with my points. As I said, I can unlock multiple hellfires with my points. But for some reason, no more bees or conference calls

The season 2 rewards (ones with PURPLE background) can be unlocked only once unlike the season 1 rewards where you can get as many as you can afford. Maybe you can get more when Season 3 comes but thats for speculations. Also this applies for the Fight for Sanctuary DLC weapons.

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Aw man, that stinks. Thought I can get more via points. Didn’t want to farm them. But thanks!