Lockout Story Public Until Level 10

Really tired of being put in a group of 5 with three players level 2 or lower. Basically a guaranteed failed mission. Players should have to learn the game at least a bit before relying on others to carry them.


I assume you mean advanced story. Your title didn’t specify advanced story (might want to edit it if that is what you meant just for clarity).

If so, I do agree that completing normal mode should be a requirement before being able to queue for advanced stages. Heliophage is usually (not always) a fail as new players just don’t know which enemies to skip and rarely even notice there is a timer in the level.


I definitely agree with this, at least to some extent. I can see why the devs did it this way though because they don’t want to prevent new players from having people to play with. From my experiences, a vast majority of PvE is advanced (and can be reasonably extrapolated to occur as such since it gives better rewards and isn’t too difficult); if you prevent players from playing in the best populated venues until they are higher level, they’ll spend those low levels playing a multiplayer game solo (which will likely dissuade a lot of new players).

I wouldn’t mind requiring players to hit level 5 before accessing advanced story mode (which takes just a few missions to get) while also requiring them to complete a given mission on normal difficulty before attempting it on advanced (or have something like a smart choice system where the options will always attempt to exclude missions that have not been completed on story yet).

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…For the most part this has been the case for me lately.

There seems to be a pretty decent influx of new players (on Xbox at least). I wish advanced was locked until normal was done, but as it is not, I try to take them under my wing and explain what is going on, explain that running ahead spawns more enemies than you can deal with, explain when it’s a defence mission, escort mission etc, and ALWAYS politely suggest that going forward they do a run of the normal levels first to get a grasp of the encounters. Except when it’s heliophage. I’m not so polite then. That level is a time sink just to get to Rendain and get overrun by mobs if you don’t understand the fight and where to situate yourself and which boss to focus when.

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So many times there will be 3 sub 5’s and the 3 choices are Heliophage, Sabatour or something else (usually renegade or sentinel). Most of the time I am able to get them to pick the third option but every once in a while I get them wanting Heliophage since it will unlock Deande for them. Never goes well.

Though I also try and spread my time between normal and advanced, I think there are some new players that play advanced because that is the only way they can play with people that will show them the ropes.

There is such a thing as someone playing on an alt account, so locking out content would suck for them.

On the bright side, seeing more low level players means the player base is getting bigger (not smaller). I would see it as a problem if I was always getting matched against other Level 100s all the time.

My only wish is that the in-game marker was a lot more prominent and obvious when a more experienced player is trying to herd the newbies to a safer spot so they don’t just keep dying (without resorting to in-game chat). I have this feeling that new players don’t realize you are calling them over with it because it is just a ping and blinker on the minimap, which might be hard to see with so much going on.

Having a little “A player is requesting assistance, you should probably go help them out” notification pop up (ideally spoken by Nova) I think would do wonders in teaching in-experienced players how to run PvE missions without dying pointlessly.


I remember I had to complete normal and the Heliophage before getting Advanced, which was excellent but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. That was a great way to get ready for Advanced instead of jumping into it at level 5 or below.

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this happens in normal story too and its annoying. especially when low lvls like 10 or 15 who probably haven’t beaten the first few missions vote for the sabatour or a mission that they definitely will be no help to the team on

Honestly PvP needs this cap more than campaign/story mode.

So wait, you want new people to be forced to play solo or multiplayer before they can play the most casual mode in the game with other people?

Unless you’re talking about Advanced mode then, that is simply absurd. The BEST and fastest way to unlock a handful of characters and learn the team mechanics is to play the story mode with other people. The Story Mode is almost one giant tutorial for learning your trees/skills/mechanics/etc. For instance, if I’m interested in playing Miko for the first time, I’d obviously want to play Public Story mode so I could learn his healing mechanics for my team if I ever wanted to venture into PvP with… whatever Miko is.

Saying they can’t be play with you because you’re apparently a sore loser who doesn’t want to fail public story missions is ridiculous. Get over yourself dude.


I just think you should be required to finish each mission on normal before playing advanced unless you’re in a party with a host who has completed them, of course.

Not allowing people in MMing for normal just sounds ridiculous to me.

I would like to see Heliophage added into the queue, though. There’s no great story there. Just remove the requirement to unlock that mission. Seriously.

I don’t think pvp needs a cap so much as it needs a clear tutorial.

I know the game generally explains the mode at the beginning of each map, but I don’t feel it’s enough as a new player coming in, especially for the MOBA elements if you’ve never played one (which I hadn’t), which is why a lot of new players treat the game as team death match.

Also, at the beginning, new players are more focused on picking that first helix option than focussing on what Nova is telling you.

When I came in as a new player, it was overload to take everything in. Playing private matches didn’t really help any because still, nothing is explained. You can SEE things happening, but you have no basics to understand WHY things are happening. A person can learn the maps in private, but that doesn’t tell you what to really do on them. The forums are good, but there needs to be something in game to give clear explanations as to best achieve the objective.

I was thinking maybe a short unskippable video the first time you enter into the pvp queue (one for each mode - that you can re-watch should you choose to) that explains (for example, in no particular order):

  1. This is a crystal shard. One appears after x amount of time and once collected will appear x amount of time later. Shards are used to activate gear, to build buildables around the map, upgrade buildables, and build big bots. Activating gear will not provide xp, but building things will.

  2. The various types of buildables, buildable levels and what they do are (insert item and explanation here).

  3. These are minions. They (explanation based on game mode).

  4. You gain xp by (insert ways to get xp).

  5. The object of this game mode is to…

  6. By holding down on the d-pad, you can teleport back to base to refill your health.

  7. In incursion, the white “skulls” on the map can summon thrills to help your team. They spawn every x amount of time. Defeat the thrall there and stand on the pad to recruit them. Either team can recruit them.

Off the top of my head, I think these are the absolute basics that new players need to be aware of going into pvp. The video could provide this information easily in under 5 minutes. Hell, I’m command rank 100 and have many mastered characters and I would STILL watch an instructional video for each mode.

Strategy a player can figure out over time by playing, by talking to other people and by scouring the forum, but by throwing people into pvp with no clear explanation as to what is what and what to do…

Lots of people say “just play the game against better players to improve” which in itself IS true, but if you don’t understand the very basics of how the game mode works and you spend your time playing a death match at your health station Meltdoen - Paradise, I have seen this countless times) because you don’t know any better, how is it reasonable to expect that person to truly learn? This also results in brutal pub stomps, which is going to scare new players off (we don’t want that).

I feel the game has a responsibility to teach new players what to do in each mode to succeed and to not be an anchor to their team. I can’t fault new players for being an anchor when I know the game provided no clear explanation as to what they should be doing.

That’s just my two cents though.


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I kinda agree. If they had a full fledged tutorial for each mode like the story has with Melka then it would be much better. Some players I feel would still be left behind though bc not many like tutorials and probably would pay attention to bare min.

I’m actually talking about normal. I swear there was a level 1 in there at some point, but maybe it just felt like it. There should be no advanced access to a map until you have completed it on normal as well. The only thing worse than a noob in normal is a noob in advanced.

Which is true and absolutely fine. Some players would definitely zone out while the tutorial is on. Nothing can be done about that. They will be the forever Death match people you get in your group that feeds the enemy and contributed nothing towards the objective.

But there are people that REALLY want to know how the game mode works and contribute to the team; however, due to the lack of tutorial/instructions, they have little choice but to go into pvp blindfolded, even though they don’t want to be.

I would just like the information to be there and available for those that do want to go in with an understanding.

Also, by making it watchable/playable again, people that zoned out for its first mandatory play could choose to watch it again, you know, if they tgey tired of losing because they only play death match instead of the objective and can’t figure out why their 20-3-10 didn’t win the round.

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Best and fastest? Completely disagree. Go mess around on your own to figure out game mechanics. Playing co-op you should be capable of being at least a small asset instead of a complete liability.

Disagree with me all you would like to but you’re incredibly wrong. You get more points the more people you have in your session allowing you to earn better medals and more experience points than you would on your own allowing you to get mutations faster and rank up your commander level which results in commander packs to get gear.

As I said, just because you’re a sore loser doesn’t mean people should be restricted from Co-op. It’s a casual mode, especially on normal, sorry you take it too seriously and can’t handle a loss.

Demanding that people get better on their own time is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you see someone queue up who is a lower level than you’re pleased with, just drop out. Don’t get mad because “they’re a liability you don’t want to deal with.” Maybe you should just Solo yourself if that’s the case? You can do you all over the place without wasting everyone’s time.

While I agree with your overall sentiment. There are some wrong statements in this paragraph. The medal your earn or number of people you play with has no effect on character xp, it is based entirely on the amount of time spent in a game. I am 90% certain that command xp is the same, but I have been capped for a while so I am not able to test it to say for certain.

Regardless, more people always earns you more. I’m not sure on the specific details but having solo’d missions I can definitely say there’s a better earning when you have more people with you. Not sure what’s behind it though. I couldn’t get gold or silver on Heliophage solo but when I did it with other people I got gold and the amount of points I accrued was astronomical compared to my solo experience lol.