Loco Chantelle bugged?

I’m trying to farm for a Nukem on MH10, TVHM, and Loco Chantelle is dropping nothing but cash and eridium.

This happening to anyone else?

Maybe I’m just stupidly unlucky as after about 10 runs she just dropped one purple shotgun :cry:

I’ll be happy to give you a Nuke next time we x ways, Matt.

I’ve literally just got one.

Only took me an hour and a half!

That’s ridiculous. She used to drop Nukems quite often.

I wouldn’t have minded so much, but once I’d got it, I tried it out for a while and reverted back to using my LVL57 Yellowcake.

The projectile from the nuke is really hard to judge (especially with the amount of splash going on from my Iron Bear as @GUNZERKUS can testify lol)

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Is the nukem any good with the 300/90 annointment? I’ve been meaning to get one of those and an Ion Cannon w/ the same annoint

I should imagine it is.

I play a Demolition Woman focussed Moze with a Rocketeer and Relic that concentrates on splash and radiation damage, so that anointment would likely be good… if I could use the Nukem effectively enough in the first place.

So far, it appears whatever changes were made for Loot are definitely affecting the drop rates in both DLC1 and DLC3. Probably DLC2 as well, just haven’t been there yet.

Yesterday post patch, I ran Scraptrap Prime looking for Lucky 7s. In my first run he dropped only one legendary period. Fortunately it was a Lucky 7 my GB FL4K can use, but usually he is a loot pinata.

Went to Freddy and the Jack Robot (killing Loco Chantelle along the way each run). As stated, she only dropped eridium and money. Freddie dropped one, sometimes 2 legendaries each run. One is always the Auto Aime of course so he is no longer useful looking for anything else like mods.
Handsome Jack Robot was not a whole lot better. One time he did not drop a single legendary at all.

Either the drop rates were intentionally nerfed, or they are unexpectedly impacted by the recent changes. Either way it is not good :frowning:

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Is this the new drop for it?

Weirdest thing ingot like 10 of em from the ion cannon boss + ion cannons.

But. That was awhilleeeee ago… So i dunno anymore. Still.mayhem 10 versions

I dont think i ever knew where to get it. I just got so many from it. This games loot pools change every week and month
Its dizzying

I never got one from her and i kll it passing by for class mods

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